Author Dream

Author Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Author Writes His Own Dreams An author is a person who writes books, articles and more. To dream of an author writing means that you are dwelling on a literary project that is a part of your work or possibly something that your associates are tackling. If in your dream, the author is anxiously reviewing … Read more

Badger Dream

Badger Dream Interpretation and Meaning

On the positive side, dreaming of a badger represents persistence on your part and your ultimate triumph over difficult circumstances. It’s a sign that your luck is changing for the better after troubled times. On the negative side, the dream of a badger may indicate that you are trying to convince yourself of something by … Read more

Cartoon Character Dream

Cartoon Character Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Cartoon Character Dreams are Pure Fun If you dream of cartoon characters, it is often symbolic of people in your real life. When you seen them as cartoons, it makes it much easier to deal with them; and for those who are non-confrontational in nature, it is ideal. Such a dream may also mean that … Read more

Number Five Dream

Five Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of the Number Five are Tops Dreams of numbers can be amongst the most difficult types of dreams to interpret. First there is the consideration of whether the number you are dreaming of has any personal significance for you. It may be a street number, age, birthdates, birth order rank, number of children or … Read more

Animosity Dream

Animosity Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Animosity Dreams are Hateful When you dream of animosity, it is a strong indicator that you are harboring feelings of animosity towards someone or something that you have not faced yet. You may also suffer from fear of confrontations, causing you to bury certain issues. Dreams uncover the feelings that we often repress and bring … Read more

Family Dream

Family Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Family Dreams are Sometimes Fun and Sometimes Frightful For the most part, dreams of family are indicative of your interactions with your own family in real life. If you have problems and hostilities with them, these negativities will manifest themselves in your dreams. If you have harmonious relationships with your family members, your dreams of … Read more

Fuchsia Dream

Fuchsia Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Fuchsia Dreams are Bright and Colorful Dreams in which you see and remember colors are very rare. Only half of our dreams are even in color to begin with, however, they tend to be longer dreams on average than other ones. Such details, as dreaming of colors, are usually the first thing to be forgotten … Read more

Enemy Dream

Enemy Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Enemy Dreams are Revealing When you dream of an enemy, it often reflects what is going on in your life. If you dream of someone you know being your enemy, it may tell you that you have hostile feelings towards the person that you may not even be aware of. Your sub-conscious may be telling … Read more

Attorney Dream

Attorney Dream Interpretation and Meaning

For Advice Find the Attorney of Your Dreams If you dream about an attorney or a lawyer, it is because there is a need for help in your life. Such dreams are often informative and can prompt you to take necessary action. The dream may be saying that you are looking for help and guidance … Read more

Armadillo Dream

Armadillo Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Seeing an armadillo in a dream indicates that you are dealing with issues of self-protection and self-preservation.  The question is whether you being too cautious, or not cautious enough. It is sometimes a sign that you should be more assertive in your life, protect yourself better, stop letting others walk all over you.  It could … Read more