Delight Dream

Delight Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Delight are Just Delightful When you dream of delight, it is representative of the delight in your life, both those things you are conscious of and those that you do not even realize bring you joy. Dreams of emotions are often indicative of real life feelings and experiencing delight is one of these. … Read more

Mother Dream

Mother Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Mother Dreams Take Care of You There are many different types of mother dreams that one might experience. You might dream of the ideal mother, spending time with your mother who is deceased or of yourself as a mother. For many of us, dreaming of our mothers means we are seeking her approval. Has your … Read more

Ivory Dream

Ivory Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of the Color Ivory are Very Involved When you dream of colors such as ivory, it is very symbolic. Typically, color and other such details are the first things we forget when we wake up. Therefore remembering a predominance of one color means that it is very important to the message in the dream. … Read more

Ghost Dream

Ghost Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Ghost Dreams are Spooky Ghost dreams are often little more than your own memories at work on us. Such dreams are often your mind’s way of dealing with things that are haunting you, from your past. There are usually negative and strong emotions, often even repressed ones, that are associated with the issue you are … Read more

Clown Dream

Clown Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Clown Dreams: Funny or Scary? Dreaming about clowns can mean a variety of things depending on how you feel about clowns in general. It can also be indicative of issues going on your life; ones that should be addressed. When you dream about clowns, it may indicate that you have a need for more light, … Read more

Bird Dream

Bird dream Interpretation and Meaning

Birds often appear in dreams, where they have general connotations; specific kinds of birds have their own dream symbolism.  A dream bird, in general, is symbolic of the mind/intellect, freedom, and the spirit. Dreaming of birds may leave you feeling more free and independent. Bird dreams can be either positive or negative, but they always … Read more

Hero Dream

Hero Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Hero Dreams are Impressive If you have a dream of a hero, it may be symbolic of a romantic figure in your life or one that you are searching for. It may also be symbolic of your inner self and its struggles with the unknown facets of your personality, including the need to discover such … Read more

Nineteen Dream

Nineteen Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Nineteen Dreams Are Powerful To dream of numbers may seem to some to be unusual and rare. For others, dreaming of numbers is a way we can learn more about ourselves. Often, we dream of numbers without even realizing it; they show up in dreams as the age of a person, as amounts of cash, … Read more

Dead Dream

Dead Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dead Dreams May Be Ominous or Not Dreams of the dead are always an indicator of change. Often such dreams come about because of a major change in your life, your attitude or in things around you. Death is actually an indication that things are ending or have ended and often that other things are … Read more

Infant Dream

Infant Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Infants are Cute When you dream of infants, it can hold a variety of different meanings. If the infant is a newborn, it can be symbolic of pleasant surprises, that you may be the recipient of or the giver. Dreams of an infant can also symbolize new beginnings and new commitments. It is … Read more