Fisherman Dream

Fisherman Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Catch a Big One with a Fisherman Dream When you dream of fishermen, it is symbolic that you are trying to catch something in your real life. It may be that you are trying to “catch” a significant other or a romantic interest. You may be trying to get a new job, a great deal, … Read more

Canary Dream

Canary Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Having a dream of a canary means that you will have a great life, full of happiness, wealth, and good relationships. The canary is essentially a symbol of happiness and harmony in your life. You may receive some unexpected happiness as well. Canaries also symbolize sensitivity and vulnerability, and your “singing your own song,” or … Read more

Neighbor Dream

Neighbor Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Neighbor Dreams Knock on Your Door To dream of your neighbors, whether they are real or the product of your dream-world can have different meanings, depending on what types of behaviors the neighbors exhibit in your dream. To dream of a good neighbor – one that is helpful, generous, and kind, perhaps – is good. … Read more

sixty dream

Sixty Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Sixty Worth Reflection Last night you dreamed of a momentous occasion – you dreamed of turning the big 6-0! In times gone by, to make it to age 60 was a big deal; people didn’t live as long as they do now. However, this number still has great meaning. It is associated with … Read more

Embarassment Dream

Embarrassment Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Embarrassment Dreams May Make You Blush When you dream of embarrassment, it should definitely be taken at face value. If you dream that a person embarrasses you, it is probably your subconscious making you realize that in real life that person embarrasses you, even though you may not be aware of it. If you dream … Read more

Sisters Dream

Sisters Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dream about Sisters Dreams about siblings depend on the sex of the dreamer and of the sibling. For a woman, dreaming about a sister in general can mean you’re about to experience some problems in your home life. Dreaming about a good relationship with your sister could mean that you are currently feeling emotionally stable. … Read more

Purple Dream

Purple Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Purple Dreams Are a Gift If the color purple is prevalent throughout your dream, it means that you have great goals and aspirations. You know where you want to go and most likely how to get there. You have great creativity, something which will serve you well in achieving your goals. You are also extremely … Read more

Firefighter Dream

Fire Fighter Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Fire Fighter Dreams are Blazing When you dream of a fire fighter, it may be because you have a desire to be rescued or to rescue others. There may be issues in your life that you feel overwhelmed with and dreams of a fire fighter rescuing you may show you that you need help with … Read more

Camel Dream

Camel Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The camel is a symbol of stamina, patience, endurance, and reaching long-term goals. If you dream of a camel, it suggests that you either rely on these qualities too much, or that you need to cultivate these qualities within yourself to a greater degree. Alternatively, the camel may represent someone or some situation in your … Read more