Cricket Dream

Cricket Dream Interpretation and Meaning

If you dream that a cricket is in your house, it means that you may experience a period of poverty in the near future. If you dream that you kill the cricket, then your period of poverty will not last very long. Seeing crickets in a dream may suggest that you are looking for guidance … Read more

Soldier Dream

Soldier Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Soldier Dreams Call You to Attention If you have a dream in which you see a soldier, it could mean one of several things. There are two main interpretations for a soldier in a dream. One is that the presence of the soldier represents your own attitudes in life, particularly when it comes to your … Read more

Joy Dream

Joy Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Joy Dreams Have Many Meanings Dreaming about joy is never a negative dream. It says a lot about how your life is progressing and how you are feeling about it. A dream about joy means that you are being joyful in your waking life. Your life and your relationships are progressing with harmony and happiness. … Read more