Vagrant Dream

Vagrant Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Vagrant Dreams and Financial Problems A dream about a vagrant can have many meanings, depending on the role of the vagrant in the dream. If the dreamer is the vagrant, it means that the person’s social obligations have been too constricting. The dreamer is longing to be free of them and to be his own … Read more

Numb Dream

Numbness Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Numbness Dreams Relate to Fear Dreaming about feeling numbness is often related to a real feeling of fear during waking life. That fear is something that is holding the dreamer back from doing the things they want to do. This is causing some problems for the dreamer, but they may not understand exactly why the … Read more

Mariner Dream

Mariner Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dream about a Mariner To see a mariner in your dreams has been said to mean that you will one day experience a long and pleasant journey to a foreign country. This seems to be pretty apt, as a mariner is a person who navigates boats of all kinds and sizes, and historically one had … Read more

Dolphin Dream

Dolphin Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Human beings have strong  connections with dolphins, those wild creatures that live in the sea but have shown their willingness to develop relationships with people. In dreams, dolphins usually symbolize unconscious forces within you and suggest a need to reach out for those forces in order to improve your life. If you dream of a … Read more

Transsexual Dream

Transsexual Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Transsexual Dreams Leave Hints Dreams concerning transsexuals can mean a few different things, depending on what the context of the transsexual in the dream is. If you dream that you yourself are the transsexual, the dream might mean something having to do with your feelings about gender (male and female) roles, specifically in your life. … Read more

Nausea Dream

Nausea Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Nausea Dreams and Subconscious Sickness There are two main meanings behind dreaming about nausea. The first meaning is that there is a situation that is literally making you feel sick. It’s something that makes you feel that there is something wrong with the situation. You may be, consciously or subconsciously, trying to get away from … Read more

Mailman Dream

Mailman Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Mailman The mailman…deliverer of messages, agent of communication, messenger of the unknown.  To dream of him has great symbolism. If you see a mailman in your dream, happily going about his business, you can assume this means that you need to communicate with others. You have a message that needs to be shared with your … Read more

Dog Dream

Dog Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dogs are very common in mythology and therefore often show up as dream symbols. The ancient Greek personage of Orion the Hunter had Sirius the Dog for his companion. Sirius is a star in the constellation of Orion. And Greek mythology includes Cerberus, a three-headed dog that guards the Underworld. Sirius, the star, also had … Read more

Traitor Dream

Traitor Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Traitor Dreams Point to Guilt Dreams about traitors can have a couple of different meanings. As you can imagine, the meaning of a traitor in your dream depends on things like who the traitor is in the dream and who you are in the dream. Who is the traitor: you or someone else? If you … Read more

Merry Dream

Merry Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Merry Dreaming Usually Has a Merry Meaning Dreaming that you are merry is a way for you to notice how much fun you are having in your normal life. There is a possibility of dreaming of too much merry behavior, however. A dream that is merry enough to make the dreamer have fun in their … Read more