Suffocation Dream

Suffocation Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Suffocation Dreams Leave You Breathless You can’t breathe. It feels as if a wet, hot blanket or cloth is pressing down on your face. You thrash about and can’t get even a whisper of cool air. Panic soon sets in. You can’t get a breath and lights start to flash in your field of vision. … Read more

Priest Dream

Priest Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Priest Dreams Symbolize Spirituality and Chastity A dream about a priest symbolizes your need for a spiritual guidance. The dream is showing you have some religious needs that need to be met and you are looking to others to have those needs fulfilled. You may have a lot of questions regarding your religion or your … Read more

Giraffe Dream

Giraffe Dream Interpretation and Meaning

If a giraffe makes an appearance in your dream, it is a sign that you should decide whether or not it is time for you to take some chances; in other words, should you “stick your neck out?” The dream giraffe is a reminder that you must make an effort and extend yourself beyond your … Read more

Sad Dream

Sad Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Sad Dreams Not So Sad Often, when we dream of an emotion, we wake from the dream still feeling it. When the emotion is powerful yet negative, it is often the product of a nightmare. It would seem that to dream of sadness would mean that bad things are coming. There is debate, however, about … Read more

Police Dream

Police Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Police Dreams Are an Authority Dreaming about the police means that you feel you have failed in some way to honor your obligations. You may have been a little reckless and this has caused you to fail to perform in the way you feel you should. The expectations you have for yourself have not been … Read more

Geese Dream

Geese Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The dream goose is a symbol of fertility, success, wealth, good luck, domesticity, and success in lifelong partnership. It also means that the dreamer is flexible in how he or she handles emotional situations. Geese in dreams are sometimes believed to represent a message from the dreamer’s unconscious about being vigilant and on guard in … Read more

Organist Dream

Organist Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Organist Dreams Are an Expression of You There are different meanings to a dream where one sees an organist. In some instances, seeing an organist can mean that a friend’s hasty actions will cause you great inconvenience for you. If the organist in your dream is intent on playing the organ and pays little to … Read more

Gazelle Dream

Gazelles Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Gazelles in dreams represent beauty and grace, joy, and genuine affection. If you dream of a gazelle, you are actually dreaming about the Soul. The dream gazelle also suggests that you are taking life too seriously and should “lighten up” about people and situations. In some culture, gazelles are symbols of virgins, so if a … Read more

Rejection Dream

Rejection Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Rejection Dreams Leave You on the Outside Rejection is a powerful thing for any of us to deal with. To be rejected carries with it a multitude of feelings and emotions – sadness, guilt, a lack of self-worth. To reject someone else can mean that one harbors feelings of resentment, shame or even self-hatred. To … Read more

Nurse Dream

Nurse Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Nurse Dreams Take Care of You To dream of nurses can mean many different things. Depending on whether you dream of someone else as the nurse or yourself as the nurse, will determine what the dream means to you. To see a nurse in your dream may indicate that you have a need to be … Read more