Lamb Dream

Lamb Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The dream lamb symbolizes innocence and purity; in other words, it represents who you really are when you are not impacted by worldly problems. It also represents your desire to forgive someone in your life for some harm they did to you. The appearance of a lamb in a dream symbolizes love, warmth, and gentleness. … Read more

Koala Dream

Koala Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The appearance of a koala in a dream symbolizes your connection to your unconscious mind, the realm of Spirit, and the material world. The dream koala is associated with concepts like protection, nurturing, security, and those qualities and characteristics often labeled “feminine.” Seeing a koala in your dream suggests that you have a desire to … Read more

Kitten Dream

Kitten Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Seeing a kitten in a dream is often a symbol of the “inner child,” of playfulness, the need to have more fun and make more time for yourself. It may represent feelings of vulnerability: either you are feeling vulnerable in some way or you are caring for someone who is showing vulnerability. The dream kitten … Read more

Kangaroo dream

Kangaroo Dream Interpretation and Meaning

In a dream, the kangaroo may symbolize safety and protection that you either give or receive, or it may be linked to something in your life that is changing so rapidly you can’t get a good grasp of it. Because the kangaroo is a jumper, its appearance in your dream often suggests that you are … Read more

Jellyfish Dream

Jellyfish Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The jellyfish in a dream represents something that you feel threatens you or that is a bothering you in some part of your life. It is also a symbol of difficulties that may arise from taking on a false role and not being yourself. A dream of a jellyfish suggests that you are acting in … Read more

Jaguar Dream

Jaguar Dream Interpretation and Meaning

For the Mayans, the jaguar represents strength, divinity, and power. The jaguar god rules the Mayan Underworld, and it also dominates the forces of day and night. The jaguar symbolizes confidence and leadership. The Aztec god Tezcatlipoca is associated with the jaguar as well and is a god of protection. In these ancient cultures, the … Read more

Jackdaw Dream

Jackdaw Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A jackdaw is a bird similar to the crow and is found from Northwest Africa to Europe to India and Siberia. In the natural world, jackdaws are often seen sharing their food and other objects with other jackdaws. They have a higher level of active giving than other birds, which tend to share chiefly in … Read more

Waiter Dream

Waiter Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Waiter Dreams Depict Social Activities When a person dreams about being a waiter, the person feels that they spend a lot of time taking care of others. In his waking life the person may feel like others demand things from him far too often. There may be one person who is asking a lot from … Read more

Jackal Dream

Jackal Dream Interpretation and Meaning

To the ancient Egyptians, the jackal-headed god Anubis was charged with leading the souls of the dead to the Underworld. Anubis was considered a good and benevolent deity, acting as the Pathfinder to the Underworld because of its natural ability to see in the dark. In the modern world, the jackal represents a guide to … Read more

ventriloquist dream

Ventriloquist Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Ventriloquist Dreams Reveal Deception In a dream about a ventriloquist, the dreamer is seeing a representation of someone who has been deceiving them. If the dreamer sees a ventriloquist, it means that someone has been tricking them into believing a lie. The dreamer may suspect this in real life, or they may have believed the … Read more