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Acquaintance Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Acquaintance Dreams Foretell Good Things

When you have a pleasant dream about an acquaintance of yours, it means that you will hear from the person soon. It may also foretell of good things happening in your business life as well as at home. It is regarded as a very good omen.

However, the context of the acquaintance dream may alter the interpretation greatly. If you have a dispute with an acquaintance in your dream, it means that a situation is about to occur in real life, in which you will be humiliated and embarrassed.  When a young woman dreams of having lots of acquaintances, it means that she will have lots of potential love interests and that she will be regarded as a very good catch. If she dreams of having very few acquaintances, she will turn out to be unlucky in love.

Some acquaintance dreams help you come to grips about things in real life. If in your dream you are ashamed of the acquaintance you meet or you meet him at the wrong time, it tells that you are feeling guilty of the way you are behaving. You may be afraid that others who know what you have been up to will reveal your secret.

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