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Admiral Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Admiral Dreams Mean Change

An admiral is amongst the highest ranks of naval officers. In fact the term admiral is usually only part of the person’s full true title, but it is how most people, including subordinates, refer to such officers.

If you dream that you are an Admiral, it means that you want to travel. It may also indicate that you are in need of a change of pace in your day to day routine and want to reclaim control over your life and abandon all that is comfortable. Sometimes a dream of being an Admiral means that you are in line for a promotion at work.

If you are in the navy and dream of the Admiral who is your boss, it probably will reveal a lot about the relationship you have with him. Your dream may reveal animosity or anger you feel towards him that you were unaware of consciously, prior to the dream. If you are in the navy and dream of being an Admiral, it may mean that you have bossy traits in your personality that you need to work on. It could also indicate that you need to get more aggressive in certain situations if you are not already.

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