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Aggression Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Aggression Dreams are Very Telling

Dreaming about aggression is usually an indication of things going in on your real life or of things in your psyche that need to be dealt with. One of the most common interpretations of dreams of aggression is that the dreamer has sexual needs that are repressed. Addressing such needs should get rid of the dreams.

If you dream about aggression, it is also a major sign that you are experiencing conflict of some sort in your everyday life. It may be the case that you have repressed aggression in a certain situation and need to release it. Your subconscious may be telling you that you need to be more aggressive or you may just need to face your aggression and deal with it.

If you dream of someone showing aggression towards you, it may that you need to come to terms with the fact that you are in danger. There may be a situation in your personal or work life where you are at risk for aggression or already the victim of it. Your dreams may be advising you to move on.

If you dream of expressing aggression towards another person, it may be that you are resentful of that person and the resentment is manifesting itself as aggression. This is common in family relationships. It may also be that you have inferiority feelings or feelings of rejection that are causing the dreams of aggression.


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