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Alligator Dream Interpretation and Meaning

If you dream of an alligator you are being warned of a “hidden” danger – one that you may be aware of on a subconscious level, but that you don’t recognize in your waking life.  Its representation of the forces of the unconscious may stem from the fact that the alligator can be observed emerging from the hidden depths of the water to lay its eggs on the riverbank.

Because alligators live in the water, and water is typically associated with emotions, a dream of an alligator may indicate that powerful, hidden emotions have reached such a dangerous level that they could “swallow” you. The “hidden” element is also reflected in the Jungian interpretation of an alligator symbol, in which an alligator represents The Shadow, that part of yourself that you’d rather avoid.

On the positive side, alligators are very powerful animals. They may show themselves to be strong allies in a dream, meaning that once you recognize your hidden emotions, you can use their power to protect yourself from danger. When you harness powerful emotions and bring them under your control, you transform their negative elements into creativity and constructive purposes.

The ancient Egyptians interpreted an alligator dream in this positive light.  Sobek, the Egyptian god of fertility and creativity, was depicted as an alligator. And Sekhmet, an ancient Egyptian goddess, was frequently shown as having the head of an alligator. Sekhmet was powerful enough to defend the sun god Ra and his kingdom. The protective power of Sekhmet is a reference to the fact that alligators in nature are extremely fierce and protective mothers.

The ancient Egyptians also considered the alligator to be a guide to the Underworld. As such, a dream alligator is sometimes viewed as representing an individual who is having a personal confrontation with Eternity.

For example, it may indicate that the dreamer is aware of merging with the “collective unconscious” as described by Jung. For Christians, it may show an awareness of becoming a part of the Body of Christ. In keeping with these interpretations, an alligator in a dream may indicate awareness of the natural aging process and an emerging inner life.

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  1. I had a dream of an alligator that was very small.but I was still.afraid of it. I was in the water, a shallow flooded road, with it, and I was trying go cross the road. It swam near the surface in front of me and as I turned to go back from where I started it turned and slowly followed me. I stopped and faced it head on and it started to turn into a.puppy. i have recently quit a stressful job and am unemployed while I seek a.less stressful job and have more time for me. This dream is very telling of my.fear of deceit and lies in the profession I was in. The puppy symbolizes my wanting to have fun.again. i had another separate dream of a.puppy within one day of the alligator dream. I also recently found two dimes that dropped at my feet as I was going out of my front door to get the mail. I looked up the meaning of tall of these and now feel very blessed that I have spirit protectors to help me to remove myself from toxic people in my life and focus on positive changes. I now have two job interview coming up, both in agriculture, which is my.passion.


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