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Amerisleep Recover+ Duvet Review

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Amerisleep was one of the first mattress companies to sell online, and it is best known for making eco-friendly mattresses in the United States. Over the past ten years, Amerisleep has added a variety of bedding accessories, including their latest release of the Recover+ Duvet insert. The duvet insert uses Celliant textile technology, which makes it highly breathable, moisture-wicking, and an excellent year-round duvet. 

What is Celliant?

Celliant is the brand name for a patented and clinically tested technology that harnesses your body's natural energy and turns it into infrared energy. It then reflects that infrared energy into your muscles and tissues. The energy that is recycled back into your body provides a temporary increase in blood flow and circulation, which generates more fuel for the body. 

Celliant is a polyester fiber infused with 13 natural thermo-reactive materials and proprietary ingredients. Examples of a few of the minerals include:

  • titanium dioxide (photocatalyst to absorb light)
  • silicone dioxide (absorbs and reflects energy)
  • aluminum oxide (increases energy reflectivity)

The resin of minerals is extruded into a fiber and then used in fabric. The fabric is used for bedding like this duvet insert, mattress covers, and pillow covers. Celliant isn't a coating but is embedded into the fibers so it will not wear or wash out

For more information on Celliant, read our guide to Celliant in bedding.

What are the benefits of Celliant?

The FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. 

About the Recover+ Duvet Insert

Below are some of the specs, such as material content, sizes, prices, and care instructions for the Recover+ duvet insert. 


  • Fabric: 46% Celliant®, 54% Cotton
  • Fiber fill: 42% Lyocell, 29% Celliant®, 29% polyester

Sizes / Prices

Twin XL68” x 88”5.28 lbs$250 Check Price
Full / Queen90” x 94”7.92 lbs$290 Check Price
King104” x 94”8.36 lbs$350 Check Price

Shipping is free on all Recover+ Duvet Inserts.

Care Instructions

The Recover+ Duvet insert can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry with low heat. Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean. 

Returns / Warranty

The Recover+ Duvet does not qualify for the Amerisleep 100-night trial, and they do not accept returns or exchanges. However, the Recover+ Duvet does come with a 1-year limited warranty. If there are any manufacturing or defects that involve faulty seams, Amerisleep will replace it free of charge. 

Duvet Cover

Amerisleep recommends using a duvet cover with the Recover+ Duvet insert to protect it from sweat, dirt, and wear and tear. The insert looks better inside of a duvet cover and protects our investment of the duvet insert. While we did take some pictures while using the insert by itself, we only used the insert with the duvet cover while sleeping with it at night.

The Recover+ Duvet cover is soft, crisp, and breathable. The duvet cover, along with two shams are made from 300 count long-staple percale cotton. The fabric has a crisp feel and fewer wrinkles by using a single-pick insertion weave that is characteristic of Percale sheets. The finish is matte, and the weave is noticeably tighter than standard weaves used on most bedsheets. 

Typically Percale sheets can be wrinkly, but those wrinkles do reduce over time with more washes. For more information on features of Percale sheets ready, our Guide to Cotton Sheets.

Duvet Cover Colors / Sizes / Price

The duvet cover comes in four colors: light grey, light grey stripe, dark grey (what we used), and dark grey stripe. The duvet cover is available in Queen and King bed sizes. At the time of writing, there was no duvet cover option for the TwinXL duvet insert. 

There weren't any care instructions for the duvet cover on the website, but I did a quick chat with Amerisleep and learned the duvet cover could be machine washed on delicate and air-dried. It was surprising because, typically, percale sheets can be tumbled on low. Because the fabric tends to wrinkle, it would be nice to be able to throw some heat at it to remove the wrinkles, but I do understand the importance of following the care guides to increase the life of the duvet cover. 

Queen Duvet Cover$140 Check Price
King Duvet Cover$150 Check Price

Our Experience with Recover+ Duvet Insert and Duvet Cover

Two things made me want to test and review the Recover+ Duvet: the breathability claims and to test the benefits of using Celliant technology

Breathability / Temperature / Comfort

As a hot sleeper living in Northern California, I am always looking for ways to stay comfortable and cool while sleeping. Just because I sleep hot doesn't mean I want to sleep with just a sheet for nine months out of the year. When Amerisleep released the year-round duvet with breathable and wicking properties, we had to give it a try. The breathability and temperature regulation was 10 out of 10. The duvet was indeed breathable and cool. Each night I used the duvet, I felt that my temperature was well regulated, and I never felt hot or cold.

The duvet insert had just enough filling to give a sense of comfort. It was very light but not thin. Each of the pockets had a filling that was light and fluffy. 

Per Amerisleep's recommendations, we used the Percale Duvet cover set over the insert. The fabric of the duvet cover was soft, cool, and crisp. There were things we noticed that are characteristic of percale fabrics: wrinkles and sound. The material wrinkled reasonably easily. We removed the cover from the dryer right after it finished and set up the bed (we later learned it shouldn't go in the dryer!), and there weren't too many wrinkles, but after a few nights the duvet the wrinkles became more apparent. It isn't necessarily an issue; it is just part of the style. 

We also noticed that the fabric is louder than other types of cotton fabrics. It wasn't something that was a problem, but it was noticeable. Fortunately, both the wrinkling and the mild noise from the fabric will reduce after continued use and multiple washes of the duvet cover

Technology / Health Benefits

Can textile technology help you sleep better and heal your body as you sleep? Is Celliant technology too good to be true? As a triathlete, recovery is one of the toughest parts of training. Waking up the morning after a tough workout only to go out and do it again with tired and sore muscles is tough. The things I focus on for recovery while training include nutrition, sleep, and blood circulation. While this blanket won't feed you, it can contribute to restful sleep, and the infrared light generation leads to increased blood flow and circulation, which helps heal the body. 

What's fascinating about this technology is that it doesn't need to be plugged in or turned on. The natural minerals inside the fibers of the duvet simply recycle your body's natural energy and reflect it into the muscles and tissues.

I am not using this blanket as part of a clinical study, and I can't tell you how much this blanket has helped heal my body. But I do think that it is worth trying out as one of many tools to help your body recover from sports or just daily life. Most of us could benefit from increased circulation and faster healing. 

I will continue to test out the Recover+ and do hope that it leads to better sleep and faster recovery after workouts. I do hope that Hologenix, LLC continues to invest in clinical studies to get better information on how Celliant can be used to improve sleep and help in performance recovery. There is something to the technology. I just hope there can be more long term studies to understand its uses better. 


The best part of the Recover+ was its breathability and temperature regulation. I didn't wake up too hot or cold through the night. The Recover+ makes for a great year-round duvet for those who sleep hot or live in warmer climates. 

Celliant's textile technology of converting the body's natural energy into infrared (IR) light to help heal the body is intriguing. I can't tell you that I noticed my body healing faster, but I do know that studies have shown infrared therapy is a viable tool for recovery through increased circulation and blood flow.


  • Breathable materials
  • Great temperature regulation
  • Year-round duvet option
  • Celliant technology (FDA-approved medical device to turn body heat into infrared energy).

Things to consider

  • Celliant technology is new, and there have been limited studies.
  • Requires purchasing the duvet cover
  • Fabric is louder than other cotton fabrics.
  • Duvet cover requires air-drying.

Have you tried the Recover+ Duvet? Let us know your experience as a comment below.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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