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Animosity Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Animosity Dreams are Hateful

When you dream of animosity, it is a strong indicator that you are harboring feelings of animosity towards someone or something that you have not faced yet. You may also suffer from fear of confrontations, causing you to bury certain issues. Dreams uncover the feelings that we often repress and bring them to light for us to better deal with them. If you analyze your dreams more carefully in terms of who is in it and what symbolism might be at play, you will find exactly where your animosity is aimed.

When you dream that you are the target of animosity, it may mean that you need to take another look at a certain situation or make some adjustments to your moral code. It may also mean that you have picked up on the feelings of another person on a subconscious level and this is your mind’s way of letting you know what is going on.

When you dream of animosity towards a specific person it means that you may be at risk to inadvertently hurt the person unless you take more care. When you dream of animosity towards specific causes, it can be either a bad omen or a sign that you are about to make good friendships.

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