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Annoyed Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Having Dreams of Being Annoyed are Annoying

Dreams involving emotions or feelings often tell us of things in our subconscious that we are not dealing with. Dreaming of feeling annoyed with someone indicates that you are harboring a feeling of annoyance towards the person in real life. You have not faced the feeling or acknowledged it, so the dream is helping to bring it to the forefront of your mind for you to deal with. You may not even be aware on any conscious level that you find the person irritating, but your subconscious has registered it and it may be the explanation of other feelings you have about the person. Often the things that you learn annoy you through dreams can be easily fixed in the light of day.

If you dream that you are annoying someone, you have probably picked up subconsciously on the person’s feelings towards you. They may indeed be annoyed with you or something you have done, or they may harbor other negative emotions towards you that you are interpreting as annoyance.

In regards to dreams foretelling the future, a dream about being annoyed can actually provide information for you to work with. When you have a dream that you are annoyed, it means that you have competitors working to bring you down.

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