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Anxiety Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Anxiety Dreams Make People Anxious

If you have a dream about anxiety, it can be that it is simply a manifestation of your real life feelings. You may be anxious over things that you are not even aware of, such as repressed emotions, thoughts that you have tucked away in the back of your mind or even a buildup of resentment or hostility. Dreams will often help to bring these things to light and aid you in dealing with them. Analysis of your dreams may help you figure out exactly what is giving you anxiety, during the day and while you sleep. Occasionally,  anxiety dreams are simply just a rehashing of your daily anxieties.

Dreams about negative emotions, of which anxiety is one, always tend to be bad omens.
When you dream about being anxious about an important event, it means that there will be a clash between your business world and your social world. However, occasionally an anxiety dream has positive connotations and foretells of success and a refreshing of your mind.

If you happen to dream of the anxiety another person is going through, it is in all likelihood a reflection of real life. You have probably picked up on the person’s anxiety level and it made an impact on you whether you realize it or not.

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