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Apprentice Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Apprentice Dreams of Learning

An apprentice is someone who is in the process of learning. The person may also be training for certain types of trades or professions and is often bound by agreement to remain in such a position for a period of time. Job dreams of being an apprentice indicate that you are struggling for your place amongst your peers. This can be in regards to school, work, socially or in other ways.

Having a dream about apprenticeship may also be your subconscious dictating that you need more learning. It may also signal that you need to make a commitment to what you choose to do. For chronic job hoppers, the apprentice dream may mean it’s time to settle down. It does not necessarily mean that you should choose a job with an apprenticeship, however you need to specialize in one area and excel at it. Because being an apprentice is all about learning and honing your craft until you master it, such dreams may also be a way to tell those who have taken time off from school “to find themselves” that they need to find themselves back in school .If you are contemplating returning to school, the apprentice dream will confirm that it is time.

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