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Artist Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Creativity Revealed by Artist Dreams

Dreams of an artist often signify your own creativity and intuitiveness. Often it is a revelation that there is some creative side in your life that is ignored, undeveloped or neglected. Artist dreams usually have psychological connotations, giving you insight into your own personality and your feelings about things.

If you dream about the things the artist is painting, it can be very revealing. Whether or not you like the person’s work may tell if you truly like them or not. Does the artist’s work make you feel good? If so, you want to keep the person in your life, if not it may be time to move on.

There can be deeper meanings to artist dreams as well. You may see an artist’s work in a dream as very beautiful but not very practical. This can be an indicator that you need to do something impractical or illogical in your life, in order to create more beauty around you. Dreaming about artists who are dead may also be your mind’s way of telling you that you may be gone before you are recognized for something you have done.

If you dream of being an artist yourself, your dream work may be a revelation of your inner feelings. The picture you paint in your dream is often how you see things in your own life. Is the picture light and pleasant or dark and foreboding?


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