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Bailiff Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Bailiff Dreams Reveal Much of Your Character and Your Work

A bailiff is a person who works in the courtroom as an assistant to the presiding judge, swearing in witnesses and helping to keep control of the proceedings.  Often dreams that have to do with courtrooms, attorneys, judges, law enforcement and anything related to them are indicative of you being judged for your actions. Bailiff dreams are no exception to this.

When you dream of a bailiff, it may be that your subconscious is making you aware of things you have done that are somewhat shady. It may be your time for accountability in regards to such actions. To dream of being arrested by a bailiff is an indicator that your ethics in terms of your business dealings are not what they should be and you may need to clean them up. Your guilty conscience may be getting the best of you by interrupting your sleep with dreams of the arm of justice finding you.

In terms of foretelling the future through dream analysis, you will find that dreams of a bailiff means that you will be up for a well-deserved promotion at work. Subsequently you will enjoy an increase in your standard of living, thanks to your own hard work and dedication.

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