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Bedphones Review – Headphones for Sleeping

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Fall asleep to music in comfort with Bedphones

Most headphones aren't designed for lying in bed or sleeping. They are either bulky or not shaped to be comfortable when lying on your side. To solve this issue, Eric Dubs quit his job in 2011 as a nuclear submarine propulsion engineer to design the world's smallest headphones. Over the years, Dubs has sold tens of thousands of the Bedphones. The Moonbow product line has expanded to include workout headphones, an adjustable pillow, a weighted blanket, and a sleep mask. In this review, we will discuss our experience while using the Bedphones in bed while awake and asleep. 

Why bed/sleep specific headphones?

There are a few reasons to use bed/sleep specific headphones. 

Comfort – There is no reason not to be comfortable while lying in bed, listening to music, or watching Netflix. Removing one earbud is sometimes an option, but it dramatically reduces the sound quality of your favorite music or show. And when you need to roll over to get comfortable, you need to switch both the earplugs. Don't forget how frustrating headphone cords can be. Moving around in bed while tethered to your phone can be difficult and cause one headphone to pop out if the cable gets stuck in the bedding. 

Noises Reduction – There are so many noisy distractions while trying to go to sleep. Everyone varies in their sensitivity to sounds and noises while trying to get to sleep. The noises may include a snoring bed partner, pets, children, noisy roommates, neighbors, or traffic. Wearing headphones helps block out all of the various sounds that make falling and staying asleep difficult.  

As a sleep aid – Sometimes it's not about blocking out noises but just settling the mind before sleep. Many sleepers find that listening to their favorite cool beats, white noise, soothing sounds, or podcasts helps them go to sleep. Studies suggest sleeping with music is a widely used tool to improve sleep and daily use of music prior to sleep improves sleep quality.

About the Bedphone Headphones

Package Contents

  • Headphones – This adjustable sleep headphones.
  • Storage Case – Compact case for storage or travel.
  • Speaker Covers – Two replacement foam speaker covers.
  • Satin eye mask – Bonus gift for those who are sensitive to light.

Headphone Options

There are currently two types of Bedphones, wireless and wired. We tested the wireless headphones because we can't imagine sleeping while tethered to our phone. The wireless headphones are quite a bit more money than the wired version, but we feel it is a necessary investment in comfort and better sleep. 

Wireless – $149

Recommended – Using wireless allows freedom of movement while sleeping without being tethered to a phone. But there is still a wire that connects the left and right earplugs. There is a small piece to keep the cord tight in front or behind your neck. In our tests over multiple nights, we did not experience any issue with the cord going behind our neck.

Wireless is transmitted with Bluetooth. The battery is quite durable, with up to 13 hours of listening. The headphones also have volume control. 

Wired – $89

The wired Bedphones comes with a 3.5mm earphone jack. We did not test this model, as we would not want to be constrained. This model works best for those who just sleep on their back or just want to use the Bedphones while laying in bed before sleep. The wired versions come with an inline microphone, music track controls, and volume control. 

Both types of Bedphones have the following specs

  • Weight: 0.7 oz
  • Headphone size: 1/4 “thick / Headphone width is the size of a U.S. quarter
  • Ear Hooks: Flexible and moldable wires
  • Bedphone Version: 3rd+ generation


The Bedphones are sleek looking tiny headphones about the size of a quarter. Unlike earbuds, they sit outside of the ear. Bedphones are so thin ( ¼”) that it allows the user to lay on your side or any other sleeping position without discomfort. 

The rubber covered wire ear hooks strap the headphones around your ears. The wire is flexible is easily fine-tuned to the contours of different ear shapes. The only wire is the one that connects the two headphones, and it can be placed in the front or behind your head. There is an adjustable slider along the wire cable that keeps the headphones tight on your head with less chance of any movement while rolling around at night while sleeping.

Along the wire, there is a small rectangular rubber piece with the charging outlet, the power button, and volume control. The middle button will turn off the headphones and play two beeps. To turn off the headphones, click the hold the same button, and you will hear two more beeps that play slightly faster.

Bed phones come in a slim 3.5″ case. Open the case by squeezing it at the ends. Use the case for traveling to avoid getting the wires tangled up. Getting the headphones into the case is a tight squeeze, but because it is only one wire, they don't get very tangled up with themselves.

Setting up your Bedphones

The Bedphones come partially charged. To get them fully charged, open the small flap on the rubber rectangle and plug in the micro USB. A red light means the headphones are charging. The headphones turn blue once fully charged.

To pair the Bedphones, hold the middle button on the headphone remote for 7 seconds until the LED light flashes red and blue. On your phone, go to Bluetooth settings and select Bedphones to pair. 

To get started with the Bedphones, put the headphone on your ear and pull the rubber covered wire over your ear. The wires didn't take much adjusting to get setup. It was a minor adjustment, and they held onto my ears quite well. 

Our Experience

Before Bedphones, if I wanted to listen to music in bed or watch a TV show, I would just put one earbud in at a time. In doing so, the sound quality of the audio suffered. And even with one wired earbud, I found myself still getting caught up in wires leading to mild panic moments before I wanted to go to sleep. With the Bedphones, you can wear both headphones at the same time. It doesn't matter if you are standing up, lying on your side, your face, or on your back. It is a liberating feeling to be untethered. While there is still a cord that attaches the two headphones, the fastener lets you tighten the strap, so it wasn't a problem with it getting stuck while rolling around in bed. And with wearing both headphones, the sound is so much better than wearing one headphone.

We found the sound quality of the Bedphones quite good, but they aren't in the same category of high-end headphones. Bedphones are not noise-canceling but designed for listening to music or watching a show comfortably while lying in bed. Since the headphones sit outside of the ear, it allows you to hear some outside noise, but for the most part, we just listened to our music or podcast. If you are looking for a headphone to block out all external sounds while sleeping, this may not be the solution for you. Consider checking out some of our other earplug reviews. 

The headphones sit on the outside of the ear. As a result, some of the sounds from the headphones may be heard by a nearby bed partner. We found that our bed partner heard music from the headphones when played at a mid-level or above. The sound spray wasn't a deal-breaker but something to consider if your bed partner is also sensitive to outside noises while sleeping.

While we love to fall asleep to some light music or podcast, we didn't want to listen to music all night long. To avoid playing the music all night long, we used an such as Spotify that has a built-in sleep timer. The app allows an automatic shut off for 5 minutes up to an hour. 

Who might love Bedphones?

  • Light sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Anyone who enjoys listening to music, sounds, or podcasts in bed.

What we didn't like

A few nights, I used the Bedphones just until I was ready to sleep, and I wanted to make sure I turned off the Bedphones. When you hold the middle button, a loud notification sound plays in the headphones. It was not the last noise I want to hear before sleep. After some practice, I just made sure to turn off the headphones after I removed them from my ears. 

Some nights while listening to music, I was unable to reduce the volume enough while going to sleep. I would have preferred to fall asleep too much quieter music. It wasn't the fault of the Bedphones but possibly the Apple iPhone.

We did review 3rd party reviews Bedphones on websites that included Amazon to make sure we didn't miss anything. There were some negative reviews of Bedphones. But if you look closely at the reviews, they are almost three years old and are reviewing previous models of the Bedphones, including the wired version. Also, keep in mind that everyone has different anatomy and different sensitivities while wearing headphones as well as user error for setting up the wires around the ears.

Fortunately, Bedphones have a 100% satisfaction 30-day money-back guarantee on this and other products. 

What to listen to with Bedphones

If you aren't sure what to listen to when trying to fall asleep, check out the Moonbow curated sleep playlist on Spotify. It is a good start to try out listening to white noise, nature sounds, and other relatively peaceful music.

While we enjoyed some of the tracks, we felt there was too much variety in the playlist. We found ourselves falling asleep, and then the song would change to something completely different, and it woke us up by surprise. We recommend longer songs or those with a similar style to avoid any interruption in sleep vibe.

Guarantee / Return Policy

Moonbow offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with Bedphones for any reason, send them back within 30 days for a full refund.


The Bedphones are lightweight, adjustable, wireless, and easy to set up and use. Bedphones are perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to music before sleep or watching a show while lying on your side. We tested the headphones for a few weeks, and they seem to be holding up well. Will continue to test the headphones and update this Bedphones review over time as new information is available. 


  • 13-hour charge
  • Comfortable in bed (even for side sleepers!)
  • One year warranty / 30-day money-back guarantee)


  • May be pricey for some sleepers at $150
  • Sound travels outside the earbud (only a concern if you have a noise-sensitive bed partner)
  • Not noise-cancelling

Have you tried the Bedphones by Moonbow / DubsLabs? Let us know your experience as a comment below.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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  • Thank you for such a thorough review. Selecting such a personal item is difficult without actually trying them out. This has at least narrowed down my search!

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