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Bird dream Interpretation and Meaning

Birds often appear in dreams, where they have general connotations; specific kinds of birds have their own dream symbolism.  A dream bird, in general, is symbolic of the mind/intellect, freedom, and the spirit. Dreaming of birds may leave you feeling more free and independent. Bird dreams can be either positive or negative, but they always indicate a need to become more open about something in order to experience a psychological awakening.

According to ancient mythology, the “language of birds” is the original language of humanity, and those who can understand this language will be able to unlock the mystery of life. In some myths, the language of birds is also considered to be the language that angels speak. This emphasis on language indicates that a dream of birds is associated with communication of some kind, perhaps suggesting a message that will be given to you in your waking life.

You may see people in your dream who have bird-like characteristics and speak to them. If you have such conversations, or if you speak to birds in your dream, this represents your need to deal with some kind of communication issue. People from your waking life that you consider to be wise or predatory may appear in your dream as birds as well.

Birds have been viewed as omens of bad luck; although a dream of seeing birds picking the flesh off your bones – a horrifying image – was considered in ancient Middle Eastern cultures to be a sign that the dreamer was a person of good judgment.

Birds typically have very good eyesight, so this suggests that a bird dream is a good predictor of the future. A dream of flying birds suggests you will free yourself from limitations; it also represents the symbolic flight of the soul when it leaves the physical body. Flying birds represent prosperity and being freed of heavy responsibilities.

Birds are very protective of their young, so if you dream of a baby bird or a nest, it means that you either need to nurture something or that you need nurturing yourself. A dream of a bird nest with eggs in it represents money, security, or becoming a parent. An empty nest is a warning to stay away from family arguments.

If you dream of dead or dying birds, you may be in for some disappointment in your life. Examine the things that are worrying you to see if you can head off disappointment in some area. Dreaming of birds may also indicate a tendency to “fly away” from daily limitations and problems.  Dream birds may represent a premonition of a future event or a way to increase your awareness of life and what the future offers you. In a broad sense, birds in dreams are associated with what you envision for the future and/or the possibility of change.

Brightly colored birds, singing birds, and/or flying birds are considered to be very lucky symbols when seen in a dream. If a bird’s beak is somehow featured in your dream, it means that you will move to a different residence.  Because birds live a great part of their lives in the air, they also symbolize intellectual matters.

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