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Black Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Black Dreams Loom Large

Experiencing black dreams may indicate a variety of things. Because color dreams so often is a representation of our moods and emotions, seeing black may indicate that you are feeling sad, lonely, mournful, depressed, hateful or that something is missing in your life. Having black dreams can mean that you are going through a period of transition and isolation. It may indicate that you will endure problems both with your family and friends.

Your background and beliefs will often come into play in interpreting black dreams. In many religions, black represents evil; therefore dreams which are black may often show you a bad side of yourself. It could forewarn of the death of some part of you. Black can also indicate that you are unconsciously wary of a certain situation.

A person wearing black in a dream may represent your shadow. A black animal may be a sign of emotions or instinct that you have repressed concerning some part of your life. Black may also indicate that you are having problems seeing clearly what to do in regards to a certain situation.

When you dream in black and white, rather than color, it is often an indicator that you are becoming or may need to become more objective about the situation you have dreamt about. Regard it from less of an emotional stance. It is important to look to others and take their viewpoints into consideration on the subject. Black and white dreams can also signify depression.


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  • Someone had a dream about me wearing black

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  • I keep on having the same dreams everynight and they are all black when the dreams are not black they are nightmares only 2 dreams have not been nightmares but they had evil in them and I fighted the darkness the second dream Was just weird about wolfs and like earth wolves water wolves stuff like that but they had dungeons and in my dream my dragon couldnt change into one that I choose

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