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Brother Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Brother Dreams Reveal Brotherly Love, Angst and More

Dreams of family members are fairly common. When you have a dream about your own brother, it is usually reflective of the type of relationship you have with him. Often, you may even learn things about your relationship from such dreams. Anger, hurt or other emotions, which maybe repressed in real life often come to the surface in dreams, allowing us the opportunity to deal with them. If you have a situation going on in your life involving your sibling, it is often what prompts dreams of him.

Occasionally dreams of a brother may be symbolic of your alter ego or some part of you that you are grappling with. You will see characteristics in the dream brother that you need to analyze in yourself. This is especially true if you dream of a brother and you do not have one in real life. Brother dreams are often indicative of the masculine side of your personality.

The brother in your dream may also be symbolic of a good friend of yours. There are also religious connotations to the word brother, which may be reflected in your dream. Brother dreams may also represent the fellowship and quarrels typical of siblings. If you dream of having a brother different than the one you have, it is indicative that you are looking for and want to have new relationships in your life. Possibly the ones that you presently have are not meeting your needs.


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