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Burgundy Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Burgundy Dreams Show Strength

When you have a dream in which the primary color you noticed was burgundy, it is a good thing. The colors we see in our dream are usually the first thing we forget upon waking. Therefore, to retain the memory of a predominant color implies that it was very important to the content and message of the dream.

When burgundy is the color of your dreams it symbolizes wealth, prosperity and great success. It also suggests that you have an amazing potential for power. If you subscribe to the belief that dreams foretell the future, you will be very pleased indeed with these positive fortunes foretold by the color burgundy.

Colors in general tend to be associated with intensity of feelings and specific emotions. Burgundy is a shade of red and therefore has many connotations regarding intense emotions. It is representative of strength, passion, aggressiveness, danger, sexual urges, courage, shame and high energy. Burgundy dreams may be your mind’s way of having you evaluate these intense emotions and spiritual feelings. If the strength of the emotion is a negative one, you may need to consider where it is coming from and what it is urging you to do.


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  • Thank you soooo much for your 'dream' definition of burgundy. Really, really good and right on.
    Your definition has confirmed what I already knew deep in my soul.

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  • This interpretation sounds like something I imagine after dreaming burgundy!!!

    On point!! Thanks

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