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Cartoon Character Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Cartoon Character Dreams are Pure Fun

If you dream of cartoon characters, it is often symbolic of people in your real life. When you seen them as cartoons, it makes it much easier to deal with them; and for those who are non-confrontational in nature, it is ideal. Such a dream may also mean that those you see as cartoon characters are people in your life whom you do not take seriously. You really feel that their input and opinion is unimportant and they are to be ignored. You may not even consciously realize that you feel this way about these people, but your cartoon dreams can help to put it in perspective for you.

When you see a specific cartoon character in your dreams, it may mean that there is someone in your life who shares some of the same characteristics as the cartoon. In fact, it may even be you who has the cartoon characteristics. You may need to evaluate how you perceive the character, in order to pinpoint the things being pointed out. A cartoon caricature of yourself or others you know may also help point out issues that cause problems or things you may need to work on.


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  • Dreaming about cartoon characters is one of my most favorite things to do. And not just seeing them on T.V., or in books, pictures, prints, or a computer, but dreaming of actually being there with you! Being able to interact with them, being seen and heard by them, having conversations with them, touching and being touched by them, going places with them, or them going places with you, and being friends, or sometimes foes, with them.

    Currently, my most favorite cartoon characters to dream about are:

    -Timmy Turner (Fairly Odd Parents/ my most favorite cartoon character ever!) And other FOP characters like Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Chester, A.J., Elmer, and Sanjay.

    -Arthur Characters, including Arthur Read, Buster Baxter, Brain Powers, Binky Barnes, the Read family, Bitzy and Bo Baxter, Harry Mills, James McDonald, etc.

    -The Maya and Miguel characters, including Maya and Miguel Santos, their cute cousin Tito, and their friends Maggie, Chrissy, Theo, and Andy. I'd also like Freddie and Cesar included.

    -The Bubble Guppies

    -Jack Beanstalk (Super Why) and some other characters like Whyatt


    -Bugs Bunny

    -Franklin the turtle and his friends (the pre-C.G.I. version)

    -Kim Possible characters, especially Tim Possible. I also enjoy dreaming of Kim, Jim, and Ron Stoppable.

    -Rugrats All Grown Up characters, especially Tommy and Dil.

    -Josh Spitz (Braceface/ my most favorite Braceface character)

    -And more. I don't mind dreaming of other cartoons and their characters, such as The Simpsons and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, but the ones I listed above are my most preferred.

    What I'd really like to do is have more dreams about these characters, and dream of being with them in person and being able to interact, hang, and converse with them, whether in their world or ours, kind of like Live Action-Animation, such as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," Paula Abdul's music video to "Opposites Attract" with M.C. Skat Cat, and "Space Jam." This is how I want a lot of my dreams to be.

    I also want to increase my chances of dreaming about these characters I listed and even some I didn't list and I want to dream about them more regularly than I do.

    It would also be nice to dream of teenaged and sometimes adult versions of kid-cartoon characters such as Timmy Turner, Arthur Read, Buster Baxter, Calliou, and Tim Possible.

    Another dream I like to have are of cartoon characters and railroad crossings together, both in books, T.V., and movies, and also in person, and I mostly prefer American flashing red light signals, standard mast or cantilever, and red and white gate arms with three red lights, and I prefer W.R.R.S. and Western Cullen Hayes mechanical bells and General Signals type 1 electronic bells on most of my crossings. (See Mike's Railroad Crossing Website, And maybe riding on trains with cartoon characters. (I'm a railfan)

    And the cartoon characters HAVE to look EXACTLY as they do on T.V. or in pictures or wherever they appear, unless I say otherwise, but I don't care how they dress as long as they look good, and it would be nice to see cartoon characters in altetnate appearal such as blue jeans and a white T-shirt, instead of just their regular clothes.

    I also want cartoon characters to come when I call them, or come even when I don't call or expect them. And I don't want them to disappear or leave me and not come back unless I want them to leave, and if I want them to come back to me, they will.

    I'd also like longer duration periods with cartoon characters instead of just seeing cartoon characters for a brief moment and then I don't see them anymore or the dream ending too quickly.

    Any tips or suggestions on how to dream of cartoon characters. And how to dream of them more regularly, or increasing my chances of dreaming about them? Is this reasonable or too much to ask for?

    I already keep a dream journal and write down what I want to dream about, and try to play out in my mind what I want to see, and hear, in my dream(s) or what I want to have happen in my dreams instead of just random events, which is okay to a point. And I do try, but I guess not hard enough, to retrain my brain to increase my chances of dreaming of cartoon characters, especially in person and being exactly how I want them to be.

    I'm open to many tips and suggestions.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for reading this.

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  • I remembered I had a dream of a cartoon called Total Drama All Stars, when the island was destroyed, it was rebuilt naturally by erosion. And few contestants came back the third time, which were named Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Sierra and the person who leads the contestants, Christ Mclain and chef. Mike in the tv show had a syndrome called multiple personality syndrome, and they were destroyed to help Mike. But now there back, and one of the personalities came back in a separate form. And I was also a contestant, and the cabins were really weird, I was Cameron trying to make room by digging the in the sand to make room for his suitcase, I just shoved mine into the cabin floor 😂. I don't remember what happened after that but I do remember doing one of the challenges, I digging inside a house because the floor was made out of sand, and I had to find as many suitcases as possible before the other team does, I found a hole bunch of suitcases but we weren't aloud to bring theme outside the house, so Chef had to come and pick it up. What I found weird is that there was a huge cell, and remember what I said about Mike and one of his personalities being in a different form? Well the name of that personlaity is named Mal, and he was in the cell, just staring at me, with arms crossed, he looked angry, probably because the other personalities helped Mike banish Mal, and I tried my best not to stare at him

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  • I've been struggling with racism since the 70s when black people started calling each other nigga'; after all, if you call somebody "my brotha'", it's obvious what it means when you say my nigga'. I'm sick of the justification. After reading this interpretation of what dreaming in cartoon means, but I just said is the only reason I can come up with for having the following dream…

    I had one recently where I was a cartoon, in a cartoon world. It started out with me being in school. There wasn't actually any teaching done; actually, it was just chaos. Papers flying around and kids yelling. I was passing a black girl as we were changing classes and I noticed that not only was she cute, but she was the only normal-looking person there. Everybody else there seems more like caricatures than the actual people. We left school and I noticed that everybody else was the same (caricatures). They had big teeth that stuck out of their mouths in just about every direction, big floppy feet, bulbous hands and huge asses that bounced when they walked.
    There were only eight houses in our village. They were normal-looking houses other than the dilapidated construction. The windows were built at odd angles with shutters they had slats missing, and hanging askew. I noticed that on my porch board said spaces between them and the wood was warped as is only possible in the comics. I remember telling somebody that I thought this was only a dream. I said, "I mean this whole world is a dream".
    I went in my house with, what I assumed to be a friend, attacked me with a skill saw. In true cartoon form I saw myself running in midair above the floor until my feet turned and I was running up the wall. This skill saw caught up to me and ground itself into one of my butt cheeks spraying blood. At this point I woke up.

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  • I sometimes dream of cartoon characters. For some reason, I often dream of Homer Simpson! I don't know why is this happening, haha... I really don't know anyone in my life who share the same characteristics as this character. And I'm 100% sure I don't share any of these characteristics! I guess I need to think about it on a more deeper level...

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  • I'm really not sure about this, but my 'cartoon' is not really a fun one. It's Ticci Toby. I like mysterious people, so I have developed feelings for him. So I dream about him lately. I also dream about Eyeless Jack, too. It's kind of weird. And it's not about them killing me, but showing affection??

    Help please :D

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  • I often dream about steven universe...except I'm steven and im kissing connie???

    Why am I having dreams like that?

    And I have dreams I am crying and am drowning in my tears, or I am with my friends but i am a ghost, cant see or hear me..

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