Wolf Dream

Wolf Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The wolf is associated with solitude, loneliness, mystery, pride, beauty, and self-confidence. It also has negative connotations, including sneakiness, aggression, and hostility. The dream wolf can represent a situation in your life that you can’t control. Or it can indicate a lack of companionship or friendship. The dream of a wolf suggests that you are … Read more

Whale Dream

Whale Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The whale is a symbol of power, strength, prosperity, and the spiritual self. The appearance of a whale in your dream indicates that you are about to be shown a great truth that you are prepared to accept. As the master of the ocean, the whale represents the “super conscious” mind that travels in the … Read more

Werewolf Full Moon Dream

Werewolf Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Werewolf Dreams Reveal Secrets When a werewolf appears in a dream, the dreamer has a life that isn’t exactly what it appears to be. There is something violent or angry that is lurking beneath the surface of a life that seems far more happy and complete than it really is. While other people see the … Read more

Weasel dream

Weasel Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The weasel is associated with slyness and cleverness, as well as “waffling”. It means that you are changing ideas to suit your own needs without considering the impact of your actions. Dreaming of a weasel may be telling you that you will be facing someone who will attack you unexpectedly. It might also mean you … Read more

Walrus Dream

Walrus Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The walrus is associated with wisdom, belligerence, humor, and awkward feelings or self-awareness. If you dream of a walrus, it indicates that you are protecting something or someone and that you are the dominant member of a partnership or leader in a situation. The dream walrus suggests that you are the type of person who … Read more

Vulture Dream

Vulture Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The vulture is the supreme image of scavenging and of death and transformation. Its symbolism depends on what the vulture is doing in the dream. If it is just sitting and watching you, it means that you should be aware of people around you who are waiting for you to make mistakes. If the vulture … Read more

Unicorn Dream

Unicorn Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A unicorn is a mythical horse-like creature that has a long, twisted horn projecting from the forehead. It is usually shown with the head and body of a horse, the back legs of a stag, and a lion’s tail. The unicorn is a symbol of hope, insight, and high ideals. It also represents gentleness, power, … Read more

Turtle Dream

Turtle Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Because turtles can live both in water and on dry land, and because they have protective shells, these characteristics should be your main considerations as you try to interpret a turtle dream. The dream turtle could symbolize your need to “withdraw into your shell” for a while, or that a feeling of vulnerability is about … Read more

Tortoise Dream

Tortoise Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The tortoise is an interesting dream symbol. Most people have pleasant associations with a tortoise. These animals usually represent caution and loyalty, since they move and change slowly. A dream that features a tortoise suggests that you may be unwilling to move quickly into a new endeavor or situation. Because a tortoise has a strong … Read more

Tiger Dream

Tiger Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The dream tiger is a symbol of repressed emotions that scare you. It may represent female sexuality, seduction, aggression, beauty, strength, bravery, integrity, and cunning as well. The dream tiger represents a force that cannot be ignored, since tigers usually get what they want. The stripes of the tiger represent opposites or someone or something … Read more