Waiter Dream

Waiter Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Waiter Dreams Depict Social Activities When a person dreams about being a waiter, the person feels that they spend a lot of time taking care of others. In his waking life the person may feel like others demand things from him far too often. There may be one person who is asking a lot from … Read more

ventriloquist dream

Ventriloquist Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Ventriloquist Dreams Reveal Deception In a dream about a ventriloquist, the dreamer is seeing a representation of someone who has been deceiving them. If the dreamer sees a ventriloquist, it means that someone has been tricking them into believing a lie. The dreamer may suspect this in real life, or they may have believed the … Read more

Teacher Dream

Teacher Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Learn Something from Teacher Dreams If you have a dream about a teacher of yours, whether it be a teacher you currently have, or one you had once in the past, you are probably looking for some help in your current life. Maybe you need some advice, expertise, or just some guidance. Are you going … Read more

Tailor Dream

Tailor Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Tailor Dreams a Good Fit If you had a dream in which there was a tailor, or in which you yourself were a tailor, your subconscious might be dealing with issues of creativity and possibly ability. Think of what qualities you associate with a tailor. Do you respect the job a tailor does? What are … Read more

Singer Dream

Singer Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Singer Dreams Bring Harmony If you have a dream that features a famous singer, it could mean a couple of things. First of all, the image of a singer in general can symbolize harmony in your life. This symbol has to do with your life being under a higher influence, whether it be spiritual or … Read more

Shepherd Dream

Shepherd Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Shepherd Dreams Are Nurturing If you have a dream in which you see a shepherd, the interpretation is fairly straightforward. Shepherds in dreams generally symbolize the nurturer. The shepherd, which in waking life steers groups of sheep to keep them safe, and makes sure they are in land that is proper for grazing. It is … Read more

Scientist Dream

Scientist Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Scientist Dreams a Strange Experiment If you have a dream about a scientist, it could mean a bunch of different things, depending on what your specific dream was like. Scientists as a symbol usually symbolize things like experimentation, creativity, and invention. But it also depends on what type of scientist was in your dream, and … Read more

Sailor Dream

Sailors Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dream about Sailors The meaning of your sailor dream depends on a couple of things. First of all, in your dream, were you dreaming about sailors, that you were with sailors, or that you yourself were a sailor? These subtle differences actually make a difference in interpreting your sailor dream. If you were actually the … Read more

Referee Dream

Referee Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A Dream Referee to Stop the Fighting Dreaming about a referee means that the dreamer is having a battle inside himself, with his own ideas being in opposition to the ideas of the people around him. The referee is a symbol of that battle, and that the dreamer is having trouble with the conflict. This … Read more

Professor Dream

Professor Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A Professor Dream and Prophecy Dreaming about a professor is considered a prophetic dream that signals a new era for the dreamer. After having this dream, the future will hold a new career or a raised prominence in your current career path. A professor being present in your dream means that you are becoming interested … Read more