Zombie Dream

Zombie Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Detachment and Zombie Dreams When someone dreams that they are a zombie, it means that they feel detached from what’s going on around them. The zombie is active in the world around them, but as an undead creature is not a part of it. The dreamer may have a similar feeling of being different from … Read more

Wizard Dream

Wizard Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Wizard Dreams and Control Dreaming about a wizard means can have several possible meanings. It often means that the dreamer is feeling that he has no power over his life. This often comes with a wish to have greater power, signified by the powerful wizard. The dreamer may also be feeling that they have no … Read more

Vampire Dream

Vampire Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Vampire Dreams and Duality If a person dreams about a vampire, it means that they are both a sensual person and that they have a fear of death. Vampires have a dual nature of being attractive and seductive as well as cruel and aggressive. In a dream this may means that the dreamer has both … Read more

Superhero dream

Superhero Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Superhero Dreams to the Rescue So you had a dream about a superhero? Wondering what it means? Well, the superhero is a fairly straightforward symbol in dreams. It just depends partially on your feelings and on what the superhero was doing. In general, the superhero symbolizes the super parts of you yourself. Maybe you are … Read more

Spirits Dream

Spirits Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Spirits Point to Death If you have a dream in which you encounter spirits or actually have a conversation with spirits, it usually points to your feelings about death. The way you feel about seeing or talking to the spirits in the dream might signify your feelings about death. Were you scared of … Read more

Shaman Dream

Shaman Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Shaman Dreams Will Guide You If you see a shaman in your dream, you can interpret it as meaning, among other things, a guide. If you are a spiritual person, you could be dreaming of a spiritual guide or even a messenger. What do you think of when you think of a shaman? As a … Read more

Saint Dream

Saints Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dream about Saints If you had a dream about a saint, there are a couple of possibilities for what the dream is indicating to you and your life. Did you dream of simply seeing a saint, or of actually talking to one? If you just saw the saint, this could be a sign that you … Read more

Puppet Dream

Puppet Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Puppet Dreams and Insecurity A puppet is something that has no life of its own and is thoroughly controlled by others. This is a literal way of looking at a puppet, and it’s what your subconscious may be trying to show you by showing you a puppet. If you see a puppet, you are seeing … Read more

Pirate Dream

Pirate Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Pirate Dreams Bring Adventure Dreaming about a pirate is a way to see that your life is being negatively affected by someone or something. There is a situation going on, or there is a person, that is affecting your life in an unhealthy way. You feel the chaos that the situation of person is causing … Read more

Occultist Dream

Occultist Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Occultist Dreams Might Be Hiding Something Last night, in your dreams, you found yourself in the presence of an occultist. What does this mean? An occultist is one who follows “occultism”, which is the study of occult or hidden wisdom. The term “occult” typically refers to the study of things outside science and/or most organized … Read more