Yellow Dream

Yellow Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Yellow Dreams Could Be Good or Bad The meaning of a “yellow” dream depends on whether it was a good dream or a bad one. This color has what may be referred to as both positive and negative meaning. So first, you must determine whether or not your dream was good or bad. While this … Read more

White Dream

White Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of White Are Trustworthy Your dreams last night were all bathed in a white glow. You were clothed all in white; there may have been white flowers or even white surroundings – snow, sand, etc… The color white in your dreams mean that people feel they can trust and rely on you. You can … Read more

Violet Dream

Violet Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Violet Dreams Are Vivid Violet is a royal color. It is also the color of the Christian Lord – Jesus Christ. To dream of this color most often means that you are trying to get more in tune with your spiritual side. Violet stands for high spirituality and religious aspirations. Are you on a path … Read more

Teal Dream

Teal Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Teal Dreams Won’t Leave You Blue Last night, your dreams were bathed in a greenish-blue tinge hue. Or perhaps most of the items in your dream were teal. The color teal, believe it or not, has a lot of different meanings, all of which should be examined to see which one applies to your own … Read more

Silver Dream

Silver Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Silver Dreams Are Mystical Perhaps last night, when you dreamed, you dreamed you beautiful things made of silver. Silver in dreams is a symbol of the moon, intuition, and your feminine side. You are in touch with the mystical aspects of your life, and have a great sense of the rightness that is around you. … Read more

Red Dream

Red Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Red Dreams Very Revealing You are passionate and sensitive. You put a lot of energy into your emotional relationships, and you are dedicated to getting the most out of them. If you dreamed of the color red last night, this could be what your dream meant. If your whole dreamed has a red hue about … Read more

Purple Dream

Purple Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Purple Dreams Are a Gift If the color purple is prevalent throughout your dream, it means that you have great goals and aspirations. You know where you want to go and most likely how to get there. You have great creativity, something which will serve you well in achieving your goals. You are also extremely … Read more

Pink Dream

Pink Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Pink Dreams Not Necessarily Girly Last night, you dreamed of the color pink. Pink is the color that is most often associated with tenderness and love. It is the color of Valentine’s and most little girls have it as their favorite at least once in their lives. Because this color is often interpreted as relating … Read more

Peach Dream

Peach Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Peachy Dreams Let You Enjoy the Sweet Life In your dream, you saw yourself plucking a ripe, juicy peach from a tree lightly swaying in a warm breeze. You are content and happy, and the peach is just what you were looking for. To see a peach when dreaming can mean that you have great … Read more

Orange Dream

Orange Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Orange Dreams Simply Glow When you dream of a color like orange, it definitely is a strong symbol and important to the message of the dream. Usually we forget details like colors seen in our dreams upon waking, therefore when we do remember such details, it emphasizes their importance. The color orange can be symbolic … Read more