Olive green dream

Olive Green Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams in Shades of Olive Green are Peaceful When you dream about specific unusual colors like olive green, it tends to be a strong symbol in the dream. Typically color is one of the first things we forget about our dreams. Therefore simply the fact that you have remembered a color from your dream symbolizes … Read more

Maroon Dream

Maroon Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Maroon are Vivid When you remember having seen a lot of a particular color, like maroon, in your dreams, it tends to be a very strong sign. We usually forget many of the details of our dreams upon waking, especially things like color. So when such details remain firmly embedded in our memories, … Read more

Ivory Dream

Ivory Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of the Color Ivory are Very Involved When you dream of colors such as ivory, it is very symbolic. Typically, color and other such details are the first things we forget when we wake up. Therefore remembering a predominance of one color means that it is very important to the message in the dream. … Read more

Indigo Dream

Indigo Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Indigo Dreams are Very Deep Dreams of particular colors, like indigo, are very revealing. Since we usually forget details such as color as soon as we wake up, when we do remember color vividly, it is an indication of the strength of the color as a symbol we need to study. Indigo is a sign … Read more

Hot pink dream

Hot Pink Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Hot Pink Dreams are Bright If you vividly remember the color hot pink in your dream, it is because the color is very important to the content and message of your dream. Since we usually forget all the details, like color, of our dreams shortly after waking, it just re-emphasizes the color’s importance when we … Read more

Green Dream

Green Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Green Dreams are Ripe with Color Having a dream in which shades of green predominate can carry a variety of meanings. Green is tied to being environmentally friendly and taking actions to care for the world around us. A green dream can be a reflection of how concerned we are with environmental issues or it … Read more

Gray Dream

Gray Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Gray are Drab Because color is the first thing we forget after waking from a dream, if we remember colors from the dream, it is inevitable that the color is very important to the meaning. Therefore, gray and its inevitably gloomy tones should be carefully interpreted when remembered as an important part of … Read more

Gold Dream

Gold Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Gold are Rich When you dream of gold, it can be symbolic of a variety of things. Typically it symbolizes things of value, including things about yourself that are valuable.  Such a dream may mean that you have discovered something valuable within yourself that was previously hidden.  If you dream that you are … Read more

Fuchsia Dream

Fuchsia Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Fuchsia Dreams are Bright and Colorful Dreams in which you see and remember colors are very rare. Only half of our dreams are even in color to begin with, however, they tend to be longer dreams on average than other ones. Such details, as dreaming of colors, are usually the first thing to be forgotten … Read more

Burgandy Dream

Burgundy Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Burgundy Dreams Show Strength When you have a dream in which the primary color you noticed was burgundy, it is a good thing. The colors we see in our dream are usually the first thing we forget upon waking. Therefore, to retain the memory of a predominant color implies that it was very important to … Read more