Brown Color Dream

Brown Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Brown Dreams Are Good Dreams with many shades of brown in them have a variety of connotations, many of which are typically very good. Such dreams are signs of good things to come such as money, freedom and much success. They also foretell that you will enjoy long, pleasant partnerships, both in business and romance. … Read more

Blue Dream

Blue Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Blue Dreams are not So Blue After All Dreaming of the color blue can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Quite often colors are simply interpreted as an indication of mood, and blue of course is seen as sadness, even depression. We are all familiar with the expression “having the blues”. This may be … Read more

Black Dream

Black Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Black Dreams Loom Large Experiencing black dreams may indicate a variety of things. Because color dreams so often is a representation of our moods and emotions, seeing black may indicate that you are feeling sad, lonely, mournful, depressed, hateful or that something is missing in your life. Having black dreams can mean that you are … Read more

Beige Dream

Beige Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams in Beige When there is a predominance of the color beige in your dreams, it represents neutrality, being back to basics and the naked, unaltered form of your dream subject. The essentials of life are also commonly represented by beige. Often, the subjects of the beige dream are not things that you are passionate … Read more