Wife Dream

Wife Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Wife Dreams Depict Relationships When a person dreams about his wife, it often means that the relationship is going through an important time. What happens in this dream is an important reminder of how the relationship is faring and what the possible problems may be. If the dream is happy and everyone is content, it … Read more

Widow Dream

Widow Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A Widow Dream Means Isolation Seeing a widow in a dream often means that the dreamer is seeing someone around him that is lonely. The dreamer feels pity for this person but doesn’t see themselves in a position to help them. The widow figure may be a widow in real life, but also may be … Read more

Uncle Dream

Uncle Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Uncle Dreams Foretell Family Issues Dreaming about an uncle is sometimes a representation of the dreamer’s family history. The uncle is a member of an extended family, and he represents many branches of the family tree. If the uncle is bringing something new with him, such as a new object or even a new idea, … Read more

Twins dream

Twins Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Twins and a Dual Nature Having a dream about twins has several possible meanings. The twins might mean that the dreamer has a lot of duality in his life. He may feel torn between possibilities or he may feel that he has two very different roles that he must fulfill. This duality may be causing … Read more

Triplets Dream

Triplets Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Triple the Success With Triplets If you have a dream about triplets, things aren’t going to end up exactly the way you’d planned. You have expected one of your efforts to fail. Instead of failure, you will actually succeed in a way that you never expected. A mother expecting a baby generally expects just one. … Read more

Sisters Dream

Sisters Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dream about Sisters Dreams about siblings depend on the sex of the dreamer and of the sibling. For a woman, dreaming about a sister in general can mean you’re about to experience some problems in your home life. Dreaming about a good relationship with your sister could mean that you are currently feeling emotionally stable. … Read more

Relatives Dream

Relatives Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dream about Relatives Obviously, dreaming about relatives is pretty common and can be loaded with lots of things. Dreaming about different types of relatives can mean different things. If you dream about your cousin or cousins, it can mean that you feel a break from anxiety and worry about to come up in your life. … Read more

Orphan Dream

Orphan Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Orphan Dreams May Leave You Feeling Abandoned Another dream that can be interpreted in many different ways is the orphan dream. Not all meanings will apply to your dream, so think carefully while analyzing what you saw. General dreams of orphans usually indicate neglect, lack of protection or even feeling isolated and in despair. This … Read more

Offspring Dream

Offspring Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Offspring Dreams Bring Lots of Joy Last night, you dreamed of your children or your grandchildren or maybe even your great-grandchildren. You had a dream about your offspring. Your dream was pleasant, and even happy. You awoke with a profound sense of peace and the feeling that all was right with your world. If this … Read more