Yearn Dream

Yearn Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Yearning Foretell Happiness To dream of a deep and nearly inconsolable yearning can be a trying experience. To even dream of a more moderate intensity of yearning can wear one out. Nearly everyone wants to be wanted, and nearly everyone wants so to feel a sense of yearning is quite natural. If you … Read more

Warmth Dream

Warmth Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Warmth Are Cozy You wake from your night’s sleep feeling warm and rested. You feel a deep sense of peace and contentment, and are reluctant to leave your bed. No, it’s not your cozy down comforter and silky-smooth sheets – your warmth comes from the dreams you’ve been having. To feel warmth in … Read more

Victim Dream

Victim Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of Being a Victim A person who dreams they are a victim has enemies who are trying to oppress them. These enemies will attempt to overpower the dreamer and have a good chance of being successful. The dreamer feels that they have no power to stop this situation, and they may not be able … Read more

Terror Dream

Terror Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Terror Dreams Leave You Quaking Last night, you had a terrible dream. You woke up still feeling the remnants of it. You may even have believed you still saw the object of your terror still in the room for a few moments upon waking. You have awoke from a nightmare, and you have probably not … Read more

Temptation Dream

Temptation Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Temptation Dreams May Become a Reality You dream of something forbidden. You indulge in unspeakable pleasures. Maybe you don’t quite take that final step and dive in, perhaps you are simply tempted to do so. Your subconscious may be pointing out something that you want; something that will make you happy and that you should … Read more

Suffocation Dream

Suffocation Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Suffocation Dreams Leave You Breathless You can’t breathe. It feels as if a wet, hot blanket or cloth is pressing down on your face. You thrash about and can’t get even a whisper of cool air. Panic soon sets in. You can’t get a breath and lights start to flash in your field of vision. … Read more

Sad Dream

Sad Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Sad Dreams Not So Sad Often, when we dream of an emotion, we wake from the dream still feeling it. When the emotion is powerful yet negative, it is often the product of a nightmare. It would seem that to dream of sadness would mean that bad things are coming. There is debate, however, about … Read more

Rejection Dream

Rejection Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Rejection Dreams Leave You on the Outside Rejection is a powerful thing for any of us to deal with. To be rejected carries with it a multitude of feelings and emotions – sadness, guilt, a lack of self-worth. To reject someone else can mean that one harbors feelings of resentment, shame or even self-hatred. To … Read more

Rage Dream

Rage Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Flying into Rage Dreams To dream of experiencing a powerful emotion often carries over into the waking world. When your dreams cause you to experience extreme emotion, it affects not only your sleep but your waking time as well. If you dreamt of rage last night, your heart and mind is trying to tell you … Read more

Pride Dream

Pride Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Pride Dreams Challenge You A dream of pride can be interpreted in several different ways. If your dreams last night included a group of lions – also known as a “pride” – it could mean that you have meaningful, valuable friendships. You are a social person, who thrives on interaction with others. You find success … Read more