Betrayal Dream

Betrayal Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Betrayal Dreams May Uncover Many Things When you dream of betrayal, it is often because there is a circumstance in your life where betrayal is involved. It may be something that you are already aware of and your struggles with it are causing it to appear in your dreams. It may also be some betrayal … Read more

Anxiety Dream

Anxiety Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Anxiety Dreams Make People Anxious If you have a dream about anxiety, it can be that it is simply a manifestation of your real life feelings. You may be anxious over things that you are not even aware of, such as repressed emotions, thoughts that you have tucked away in the back of your mind … Read more

Annoyed Dream

Annoyed Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Having Dreams of Being Annoyed are Annoying Dreams involving emotions or feelings often tell us of things in our subconscious that we are not dealing with. Dreaming of feeling annoyed with someone indicates that you are harboring a feeling of annoyance towards the person in real life. You have not faced the feeling or acknowledged … Read more

Animosity Dream

Animosity Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Animosity Dreams are Hateful When you dream of animosity, it is a strong indicator that you are harboring feelings of animosity towards someone or something that you have not faced yet. You may also suffer from fear of confrontations, causing you to bury certain issues. Dreams uncover the feelings that we often repress and bring … Read more

Anger Dream

Anger Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Anger Dreams Show Your Feelings When you dream about anger it reveals a lot about the feelings you have inside. Usually, such dreams indicate that you have a lot of anger deep down inside and you tend to repress it. Anger dreams are a wake-up call that you are full of disappointment and frustration with … Read more

Amorous Dream

Amorous Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Amorous Dreams: A Bad Sign When you dream of being amorous, it means that the things you personally and secretly enjoy may eventually get you in trouble. Such dreams forewarn your involvement in a scandal. It may also mean that you will loosen your own moral code in response to other people tempting you with … Read more

Agressive Dream

Aggression Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Aggression Dreams are Very Telling Dreaming about aggression is usually an indication of things going in on your real life or of things in your psyche that need to be dealt with. One of the most common interpretations of dreams of aggression is that the dreamer has sexual needs that are repressed. Addressing such needs … Read more

Afraid Dream

Afraid Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Be Afraid of Dreams of Being Afraid Feeling afraid in your dreams is never a good thing. It may be that you have become sensitive to a certain things that scare you. These things may be real life things or imagined fears. It may even be a safety issue, where you feel that you are … Read more

Abhorrence Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Abhorrence in Dreams is Hateful It is unpleasant to wake up from a dream where we have experienced negative emotions of any kind. Dreams of abhorrence are no exception. Often such dreams are indicators of impending unforeseen danger or unexpected difficult times to come in the future. The strength of the emotion in the dream … Read more