Sixteen Dream

Sixteen Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Sixteen Are Sweet Sweet Sixteen…for some, to be sixteen again would be a dream come true. Young, with little to no attachments or responsibilities seem to be what makes life great. For others, the chance to “do it all again” is a fun dream to indulge in. “How would you do it differently?” … Read more

Zero Dream

Zero Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Zero Really Do Mean Something When you dream of zero, it may mean a variety of things. Anytime you dream of numbers, it may be an indication that there are unfinished tasks waiting for you at work or that there is financial trouble in your work life. Dreaming of zero may mean that … Read more

Two Dream

Two Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Two Dreams are Doubly Interesting Dreams of numbers, like the number two, can be indicative of issues with your work, some particularly significant thing in your life or any of a number of different symbols represented by the number. In order to figure which it is, you must first look to yourself and ask if … Read more

Twelve Dream

Twelve Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of the Number Twelve are Divine When you remember a dream of the number twelve, or other number, it is an indication that the number is of major significance to the message of the dream. Because we typically forget things like numbers and colors as soon as we wake up, remembering them highlights their … Read more

Three Dream

Three Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Three are Triple the Fun Dreams of the number three or any number are particularly relevant to the interpretation of the dream. This is because details such as numbers are typically forgotten upon waking; therefore by remembering them your subconscious is emphasizing their importance. Figuring out what they mean is sometimes more difficult, … Read more

Thirteen Dream

Thirteen Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Thirteen Not So Unlucky When you dream of numbers, including the number 13, it is a strong dream theme. Numbers are usually forgotten as soon as you wake from a dream. Therefore, by remembering them it shows their importance to the dream. When analyzing it, you must first question whether the number 13 … Read more

Ten Dream

Ten Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Ten Dreams are Tops When you have a dream about the number 10, or any other number, it is always an important symbol in terms of dream interpretation, because details like numbers are usually amongst the first things we forget upon waking. When trying to figure out what such dreams mean, you need to first … Read more

sixty dream

Sixty Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Sixty Worth Reflection Last night you dreamed of a momentous occasion – you dreamed of turning the big 6-0! In times gone by, to make it to age 60 was a big deal; people didn’t live as long as they do now. However, this number still has great meaning. It is associated with … Read more

Number 6 Dream

Six Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Six Are Sensational When you dream of the number six, or any other number, it is a strong dream symbol. We usually forget less important details like numbers when we wake up from dreaming, therefore remembering them means that they must be important to the message of the dream. The most important thing … Read more

Seventy Dream

Seventy Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Seventy Are Perfect Did you dream last night of the number seventy? Or, did your dream include 70 different people, places or things? Were you seventy years of age in the dream or dream of someone that age? If you’re looking for meaning for your dream that includes the number seventy, it is … Read more