Woman Dream

Woman Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming About a Woman Dreaming about a woman has different meanings depending on certain aspects of the dream woman. Her age and activities can change the meaning significantly. A woman in general is a representation of love and nurturing. It may be representing a specific person in the dreamer’s life who has been caring and … Read more

Visitor Dream

Visitor Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Getting a Visitor in a Dream A dream in which a visitor comes is a prophetic dream. There are two basic types of visitor dreams: the happy, normal visitor and the sinister visitor dressed in dark clothing. The happy visitor in which nothing goes wrong is a dream that foretells positive things in the near … Read more

Vagrant Dream

Vagrant Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Vagrant Dreams and Financial Problems A dream about a vagrant can have many meanings, depending on the role of the vagrant in the dream. If the dreamer is the vagrant, it means that the person’s social obligations have been too constricting. The dreamer is longing to be free of them and to be his own … Read more

Transsexual Dream

Transsexual Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Transsexual Dreams Leave Hints Dreams concerning transsexuals can mean a few different things, depending on what the context of the transsexual in the dream is. If you dream that you yourself are the transsexual, the dream might mean something having to do with your feelings about gender (male and female) roles, specifically in your life. … Read more

Traitor Dream

Traitor Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Traitor Dreams Point to Guilt Dreams about traitors can have a couple of different meanings. As you can imagine, the meaning of a traitor in your dream depends on things like who the traitor is in the dream and who you are in the dream. Who is the traitor: you or someone else? If you … Read more

Tourist Dream

Tourist Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Tourist Dreams Take You Places The presence of a tourist in your dream could have a couple of different meanings. The meaning mostly depends on context. Who is the tourist in your dream? Is it you? Or area you just your plain old self in your dream, seeing a tourist? The answer to this question … Read more

Tipsy Dream

Tipsy Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Tipsy Dreams Leave You Spinning How many beers did you have last night? Did you toss back more than a few margaritas? Even if you didn’t indulge, you can dream of being tipsy. When you examine this dream, pay close attention to the degree of your intoxication. Are you feeling a bit of a buzz? … Read more

Thief Dream

Thief Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Thief Dreams Steal Secrets Having a dream about a thief can mean several interesting things. The first question to ask yourself about your dream is: who was the thief? Was it you? Or did you witness a thief in action – in the middle of a theft? If you dream that you are a thief, … Read more

Stranger Dream

Stranger Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Stranger Dreams Couldn’t Be Stranger If you see a stranger in your dream, there are a couple of different meanings you can take from it. As with any dream, each symbol can mean different things based on what role they play in the dream – what their context is – and on what is happening … Read more

Soldier Dream

Soldier Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Soldier Dreams Call You to Attention If you have a dream in which you see a soldier, it could mean one of several things. There are two main interpretations for a soldier in a dream. One is that the presence of the soldier represents your own attitudes in life, particularly when it comes to your … Read more