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Celebrities Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Celebrity Dreams Reveal Much

When you dream of celebrities, it can tell a variety of things about your aspirations, feelings, actions and beliefs about others. If you dream of a friend becoming a celebrity, you mind is revealing that you are afraid of losing this person from your life. When you dream that you are a celebrity, it means that you want to live beyond your means and have a social life that is unrealistic for where you are in life. Dreaming of celebrities in general is a warning that you are putting too much emphasis on glitz and glamour, which could lead to problems in your love life.

If you dream about a celebrity, it is an indication of how you feel about the person and the attributes you believe he or she has. Often some real life event has made your subconscious bring the celebrity to mind. Celebrities are regarded as heroes and are therefore given much thought and consideration, compared to everyday people we actually know. If you happen to be obsessed with a certain celebrity, it is normal to expect that person to be represented in your dreams occasionally. If you dream of being friends with a celebrity, it means that someone in your life has taken on “celebrity” status. You are dreaming of an ideal image of this person.

In regards to your own aspirations, having celebrity dreams means that your aspirations may be beyond your reach, at least for the time being. You may want to be more realistic to avoid disappointment.

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