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Guide to Celliant Technology in Bedding

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Celliant is a textile technology that can promote restful sleep.

Celliant is a patented textile technology introduced by Hologenix, LLC, in 2002. It is a synthetic fiber infused with 13 natural minerals and used in materials like blankets, sheets, mattress covers and clothing.

Celliant technology takes body heat that would usually be wasted and converts it into infrared light. The infrared light increases local blood circulation, tissue oxygenation, and regulates body temperature. The result is an increase in restful sleep, increased energy and faster athletic recovery. The FDA determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. 

What is Celliant, and how is it made?

Celliant technology recycles the body's energy into infrared energy using a proprietary fiber full of thermo-reactive minerals. Celliant consists of 13 naturally occurring thermo-reactive minerals and proprietary ingredients. The primary minerals include:

  • Titanium dioxide – Photocatalyst that absorbs light
  • Silicone dioxide – Absorbs and reflects energy
  • Aluminum oxide – Increases energy reflectivity

The blend of minerals is ground up into a powder finer than 1 micron (100x smaller than the width of a human hair) and added to liquid polyester resin. The polyester resin is extruded into a staple fiber. The filament and spun yarns are then sent to fabric makers to produce consumer products such as bedding, apparel, furniture, and wetsuits.

Celliant technology isn't a coating or an application. It is embedded into the core of the fabric fibers so it can not wash or wear out. Putting a cover over the blanket will not reduce its effectiveness. The body's electromagnetic emissions travel through clothing, wood, glass, or even concrete. 

What is Infrared Energy?

Infrared light is a naturally occurring wavelength just outside the visible light spectrum.The infrared light penetrates deep into the muscle tissues. Infrared light induces vasodilator, which opens blood vessels to promote circulation. The average increase in oxygenation of the tissues from Celliant is 7%.The increase in blood flow, improves muscle recovery, and reduces long term pain.


The visual below shows how Celliant fabric captures body heat and turns it into infrared light which is then soaked up by the body. Celliant allows the body to recycle it's own energy to help heal the body.

What are the benefits of using Celliant?

Celliant claims the following benefits from using their responsive textiles. 

  • Restful sleep – A clinical study at UC Irvine found that by using bedding with Celliant subjects fell asleep 18.3 minutes faster.
  • Temperature Regulation – Celliant regulates body heat through thermo-regulation
  • Faster Recovery – By redirecting the body's energy back into the body it increases blood flow and oxygen levels in the tissue, which in turn translates to a quicker recovery.
  • Increased Performance – Celliant studies showed wearing Celliant in clothing enhanced tissue oxygen levels and improved athletic performance.

The energy that recycles back into the body triggers vasodilation, which makes more oxygen available to your cells and improves circulation. You won't be able to perceive or feel an increase in circulation, blood flow, or oxygenation, but clinical studies measured an increase in skin oxygen levels. 

Clinical Trials – What do the studies say?

The Celliant technology was evaluated in clinical trials of respected institutions that included: the University of California Irvine, University of Calgary, UCI Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Texas A&M University, Loyola University Chicago, and Exponent.

A few of the findings of the clinical study include: 

Subjects fell asleep faster (18.3 minutes) but also slept less during the night. The median sleep efficiency improved by 2.6%. All the participants reported subjective improvements in their sleep.(Clinical study at UC Irvine)

In another study, participants wore Celliant gloves and stockings. The results showed an increase in oxygen perfusion levels within 10% to 24% in a healthy non-compromised population. (Clinical Study at Hyperbaric Treatment and Straining Services)

Cyclists who used Celliant apparel consumed statistically significantly less oxygen (Clinical study at University of Calgary)

Celliant had a beneficial impact on chronic foot pain through the process of infrared light. (Clinical study at Veterans Administration Medical Center Long Beach)

Below is a visual of the clinical studies of Celliant technology and their results.

While this was not Celliant specifically, we found a study that showed that this similar technology of infrared light used in gloves helped those with Raynaud's syndrome. (something I suffer from!) 

FDA Celliant Approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined that Celliant products are valid medical devices (Class 1) and a general wellness product as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic.

Celliant received approval because their clinical studies found Celliant temporarily promotes increased blood flow at the application spot on healthy people through infrared energy. Don't miss the reference to “healthy people.” Celliant is currently not approved to make claims to cure illnesses of those who are sick. For this reason, all of the language on their website about increasing energy, boosting performance, and improving muscle recovery focused on athletes. With further clinical studies, Celliant might be able to broaden their claims for the use of their technology.

Celliant is a Class 1 device according to the FDA which means it is subject to the fewest regulator requirements because it presents a low risk of harm to the user. The FDA does not test products before approving them. FDA experts just review clinical testing that was done by the manufacturers. FDA approval means that the agency has determined that the benefits outweigh the known risks for the given use.

While researching the safety of Celliant we found there is a recent legal case between Multiple Energy Technologies LLC, the maker of Redwave®-brand bioceramics (a competitor) against Hologenix LLC, the maker of Celliant. Multiple Energy Technologies, LLC claims that Hologenix is making false and misleading claims about Celliant in their marketing. Celliant made statements such as FDA “determined” that Celliant provides health benefits or that the FDA has “approved” Celliant. The case was open for the past year and was recently settled the court dismissed the action with prejudice.

Are there any health risks to Celliant?

According to Hologenix, LLC, Celliant is non-invasive, and there have not been any reports of allergic reaction since 2003 however, since the mineral resin is within a polyester fiber, anyone who is allergic to polyester should not use Celliant. 

Celliant Products

Celliant infrared-emitting fibers are a new technology that transforms body heat into recyclable energy to help in healing and help regulate body temperature. If you are interested in trying out a product with Celliant, check out some of the products below. 

Celliant Blankets

Celliant Sheets

Celliant Mattress Covers

Celliant Pillows

Have you tried Celliant bedding? Tell us about your experiences using Celliant below.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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