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Cock/Rooster Dream Interpretation and Meaning


The dream of cock or rooster may be considered something of a wake-up call, telling you that you need to take action in some area of your life. It also suggests that you should be on the alert for some significant action to occur. Contrarily, the rooster dream can also warn against being “cocky.” Poultry, in general, represents extravagance and frivolous behavior when it shows up in a dream. Chickens, hens, and roosters in dreams are frequently linked to unnecessary expenses, for example.

Roosters in dreams represent virility, of course, and continual vigilance. They also represent people who are very direct in their style of communication and very outspoken in their beliefs. The dream rooster is s symbol of dominance in some cases, as in “ruling the roost.” It has much the same symbolism of chickens in general, but in a way that is more energetic and even aggressive in regard to life situations. A dream of a rooster could be telling you something about yourself or someone close to you who is very demanding and territorial.

If you dream of a crowing rooster, this represents some kind of warning. It is telling you to review your current circumstances and pay close attention to one particular situation in your life. Dreams of hearing a rooster suggest that you are bragging or glorifying yourself in some way. To see two roosters fighting in a dream symbolizes a rivalry or a quarrel between you and someone you know.

In Native American symbolism, the cock (rooster) is a symbol of sexuality, resurrection, and watchfulness. While its chief symbolism involves fertility and sexuality, it is also considered a symbol of the sun because of its early rising each morning. This in turn is associated with resurrection. Native Americans considered the rooster to be an enemy of ghosts and evil spirits that haunt the night.

For Christians, the rooster is linked to resurrection because it announced the birth of Christ. Another Christian interpretation involves vigilance in terms of keeping spiritual things foremost in your life, which is symbolized by the cock crowing after Peter denied Jesus three times after the Crucifixion. During medieval times, the rooster as a symbol of vigilance was expanded by the belief that a cock would crow upon the arrival of Judgment Day.

The dream rooster may signify a past-life tie to early Christianity or even ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, the rooster is associated with the love story of Ares and Aphrodite in which Ares asks Alektraon, a rooster, to watch over Aphrodite. The early Gnostics believed the rooster was one manifestation of Abraxas, the rooster-headed god with serpent feet, which brought together light and dark elements and transcended both.

Roosters also symbolize humor and enthusiasm, and they are considered to be eccentric, colorful characters overall. They have a direct approach to life, so a dream of a rooster could be telling you to become more direct and more optimistic in general.


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  • I dreamed of a rooster (a rooster well-known to me, but somehow has lost its mind) at first was walking with me, and then suddenly started chasing me across town like crazy. My uncle who happened to be there managed to capture it as it fell into a drainage by covering it in ice. The rooster wasn't dead, just frozen. What does my dream mean?

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  • thanks alot for your interpratation help

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  • No rooster announced the birth of Christ , the only mention is after Christ was denied by Peter

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  • A rooster was following me in my dream.
    I stroked it. It’s feathers were wet from the rain.
    A person suggested that I carry that rooster.
    What is the meaning of this dream?

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