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Coworker Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Coworker Dreams Indicate On –The-Job Issues

When you dream about your coworkers, it often reflects on your relationships in real life. It could be that there are issues in how you get along with your coworkers that you are not dealing with adequately during your waking hours. Such dreams may actually reveal your true feelings about a coworker that you are not even consciously aware of. If you have repressed feelings of anger or resentment towards someone you work with, it may come to light in your dreams. Positive feelings may also become evident through dreaming.

If you dream of coworkers other than your actual ones, it may be that you need to work out issues with those people, if they are indeed people you know. If not, it may be that you are looking for a change in your work environment. If you dream that you are helping to train your replacement at work, it may be that you are working through some psychological issues and attitudes that you are about to put behind you.

Some of the other things that coworker dreams indicate are your competitiveness and level of ambition, as well as the struggles you are dealing with in life. It can also be a message that you have a difficult time leaving work issues at work.


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  • if you dream about someone in my work place that you sense she is goning to have car accident.shoul I calle her to let her know about my drema? please let me know.. .

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  • I had a dream i was in school, i seemed fairly new because i was trying to make small talk with people around me. This girl said a good question to ask for small talk is if the person punches so you can be ready for it. I didnt ask, she then pretended she was going to strike me in the face. Right after that some girl falls on her face i think she tripped, so i went to go help and she looked out of it . She got up and started following me i was scared and woke up. I then figured out it was a new co worker

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  • I had a dream about the cute new guy. I walked up the stairs next to him and he was looking down/ at my lips, I was looking at him and I leaned forward so my lips where by his ears and then guy hugged him, I learnt over the railing of the stairs and he put his arm round me, lightly caressing my arm and then I turned with my backfacing the stairs and he starts caressing my (naked) back, the rest of me is clothed. Lightly caressing my back is my favourite thing so when he did that it was real good.
    Idk what this means, we are friends at work but he's getting over an ex and isn't really looking for anything and I like someone I'll never have

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  • if you dream of having kisses with ur coworker opposite sex
    I don't understand what it means

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