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Dentist Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dentist Dreams May Be about More than Toothaches

Dreaming of a dentist may be your body’s way of telling you that you have dental problems that need to be addressed before they turn into an ache that you can’t ignore. It can also mean that you have a fear of pain or some other type of unacknowledged anxiety, but you realize that facing it is for the greater good. Dreaming that the dentist is removing your teeth, may be an indication that you are having a hard time verbalizing something or that something may be bothering you.

Such a dream is often an indicator that you have a need for additional strength in something that you are dealing with. Dreams of dentists can also be because you have witnessed or may be in need of an act of power and independence. When you specifically dream that you are visiting the dentist, it means that you regularly experience doubt in regards to another person’s honor and truthfulness.

For those who look to dreams as an omen of things to come, a dream of a dentist may mean that your love affairs will be doomed by misfortune. If in your dream you see a dentist at work on another’s teeth, it foretells a scandal in your life that will be shocking to you.

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