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Dinosaur Dream Interpretation and Meaning

If a dinosaur appears in your dream, it indicates that your attitude about something is outdated and that you may need to change your old ways of thinking. If you are being chased by a dinosaur in a dream, it means you are afraid that you are no longer needed, or it could indicate that old issues may be coming back to haunt you.

Some of the concepts associated with the dream dinosaur include hanging on to rigid ideas that are no longer useful, the need to let go of the past, that you are confronting something that may be too big for you to handle alone, and something in your life that is just no longer relevant.

The dream dinosaur may symbolize primitive power or suggest that things are coming to an end in some part of your life. A dream of a dinosaur could also indicate that you or someone you know is extremely unwilling to change.

A dream of a dinosaur may indicate that you have an awareness that your current Self is the result of millions of years of evolution and development. It can symbolize your instinctive urges that may be buried deep in your unconscious. These urges include fighting for territory or for a mate, primitive fears of death and/or fighting for actual survival.

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  1. Hello there, now kindly help me understand this better, last night I was in deep sleep and In the room came out a baby dinosaur from. Nowhere , was really terrified in the dream and I went out tried calling people to help me but they were reluctant about it, then this dinosaur kept on chasing me and I remember seeing myself lying and rolling on the kitchen floor while 3 men were holding it up and they were scaring me with wanting this animal to stand on me or rather to kinda touch me they were forcing it on me but I was just crying and calling out the Name of Jesus like “Jesus please don’t let it touch me while rolling on the floor like a couple of times” then this men just took it away it never managed to touch me, then I went to the toilet but I couldn’t get in coz a wooden door was all over sudden a metal one I was hesitant and I said that I’ll not enter inn and I must plead the Blood of Jesus in the whole House and then I went outside and I saw my child hood friends or rather people I new way back.. Thanks


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