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Donkey Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The dream donkey is associated with humility, honor, stubbornness, burdens, endurance, and loyalty.

To dream of a donkey is recognition of the instinctive and automatic processes that go on in your body. It represents your body as a “beast of burden” and that you may be living your life as if you were only a “working animal.”

If your dream includes a donkey that is ridden by another person, this suggests that you feel you are doing all the hard work in some area of your life, while someone else is just getting a “free ride.” If you are riding the donkey, it means that you are very humble or that you feel as though you are in a low social position. Riding a donkey in a dream may also symbolize travel to foreign countries or difficult explorations.

The dream donkey may indicate stubbornness on your part or your unwillingness to cooperate with other people. A dead donkey in a dream means that your “partying” attitude is likely to lead to potentially immoral positions. If you fall off the donkey or are thrown off, you will experience problems in a romantic relationship or even face a separation from your loved one. A dream of being kicked by a donkey indicates that you could find yourself involved with activities that will lead to worries and fear of being caught. If you are leading a donkey with a halter, it means that you are a leader is all situations and can convince people of your position on various issues.

If the dream donkey brays directly into your face, you are likely to be insulted by someone in public, while hearing the distant braying of a donkey means you’ll receive wealth or be released from some unpleasantness due to the death of someone close to you.

For women, dreaming of a white donkey indicates good and lasting fortune that will let you pursue your most desired goals. It also suggests that you will become part of a group that you’ve long wanted to join.

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  1. So my dream was me on the donkey going down a cobbled hill holding the reigns then ending up in traffice where the donkey goes charging off with me still holding the reigns and jumping off but no donkey to jump off and meeting my sister husband and niece on their holiday

  2. Im a girl and i got dream donkey as my pet animal given by some colleague of my dad.its color is brown and it is being feeded with a dry grass

  3. I dreamt of a snake and donkey.The snake seems to be playing.Jumping over the donkey and trees nearby.How do you interpret the dream.The snake was not aggressive it was dancing over the donkey and trees


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