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Rat Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A dream of a rat suggests that someone you know is jealous of you and what you have accomplished; this person is likely to be working against you in some way. The dream rat also symbolizes the fact that you are likely to be deceived and harmed by your neighbors or that you will quarrel with your friends. When a rat appears in a dream, it is almost always a negative sign and is linked to doubt, guilt, envy, repulsion, and depravity. Dreams of black or brown rats suggest future illness or treachery.

However, if you kill a rat in your dream, it means you will win a victory in a contest, and to dream of a white rat, which is very rare, is an indication that you will have the support of unknown protectors. To catch rats in a dream means that you will overcome the scorn of colleagues and win out over your enemies. If you are chasing and catching rats in your dream, it is a sign that you tend to criticize what you see as a lack of moral values in those around you.

A dream of a rat may indicate negative influences and feelings that are “gnawing” at you and harming your overall sense of well-being. Dreams of rats can also be expressions of a fear that you will end up destitute and friendless or that you feel your security is being “eaten away.”

The dream rat can represent someone you know in your waking life – someone who has “acted like a rat” and betrayed you. A dream rat may be telling you that you should become more aware of the negative forces in your life. It maybe bringing up images of danger, poverty, and illness in order to make you define and acknowledge the things that are making you anxious.

8 thoughts on “Rat Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. Had a dream I picked up a large white rat…I was unsure of it, it was friendly but I didn’t know what to do with it so I put it in the freezer (fridge) but kept checking on it to see if it was okay….it collapsed on to its side and I asked my daughter to help me get it out…wrapping it in towels and holding it pressed up against my chest, it snuggled into me for warmth and it was a lovely feeling.
    Currently in my life there is a new lady friend who takes inappropriate opportunities to hug my husband…as she is new in our lives, I really enjoy her and her husbands company however these hugs are not appreciated by me or my husband, i have put some distance between us…still kind and open but not sure if I want her around I know she is not happy in her marriage and my hubby and I are ridiculously in love…I have in a sense frozen her out….I hope in time they can be apart of our lives, but that will only happen if she respects me and hubby for that matter. She needs to find comfort with her own husband.

  2. I dreamed,, two nights in a row, that my adult daughter was sleeping, holding a white rat. So is she in a situation where she has unknown benefactors, or is she fearful of the situation she is in, or doubting her own security??

  3. I dreamed of my house being infested w rats. Though i only visually seen one white rat. It looked up at me and slowly walked away. None ever was attacking me. Just looked at me and slowly walked away. This is odd bc of the deep prayer i prayed then i dreamed that. What does this mean

  4. I dreamt I saw a rat, swimming in a puddle of not clean water. At first I wasn’t sure what it was because the moving of the rat produce a snake like streak in the water. When I found out it was a rat, I realized I’ve caught it by tying a length of cord on one of its hind legs. I toy with it for a while, even trowing it in an apparently small lake and retrieving it by the cord, before I eventually cut the cord and set it free. Can you help me with this please?

  5. i had a dream that i was going to pick up a large brown/black rat i felt a sense of calmness and also fear though as i went to pick up the rodent i woke up out of my dream… is this some kind of different symbol that i am not finding on the net? i honestly dont remember the rest of the details of the dream all that keeps replaying in my head for a couple of days now is that part where i go to pick it up off the ground after it walked towards me then awake i was… i tried falling back asleep to see if i would continue dreaming the same dream but no luck. i also woke up sweating, the heat was off and it was rather chilly in my room how i like it… does any of this mean anything?!


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