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Three Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Three are Triple the Fun

Dreams of the number three or any number are particularly relevant to the interpretation of the dream. This is because details such as numbers are typically forgotten upon waking; therefore by remembering them your subconscious is emphasizing their importance. Figuring out what they mean is sometimes more difficult, because they may be symbolic of something typical of the number or they may represent something that is personally significant to you like a birth date, address or other special date.

When you dream of three of something, it is often representative of personal wholeness and of being fulfilled. It can also be a reference to something that could contribute to your personal fulfillment. It may be something you are seeking or something you are unaware that is needed for you to be whole. Three may also indicate that you may be afraid to search for the thing you are lacking for your completeness.

Three may be a representation of any trilogy, such as the Christian trilogy of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It may also refer to mother, father and child or past, present and future. Other things symbolized by the number three are vitality, life, creativity, imagination, inner strength, energy and self-exploration.

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