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Drift to Sleep Foam Earplugs Review

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Earplugs can dramatically help reduce noises from a snoring partner, animals, traffic, or other everyday sounds from within or outside the bedroom. As a side sleeper, the softness of the earplugs is crucial to avoid undue pressure on the ears or eardrums. Drift to Sleep brand currently sells soft foam earplugs manufactured in California. Featuring soft foam, tapered end, noise reduction of 33dB, these earplugs look good on paper. But are they comfortable and sleeping? In this review, we will cover the earplug design, packaging, how to use them, and discuss our experience while wearing them when sleeping. 

Drift to Sleep Earplugs Design / Fit

Made from extra light soft foam, Drift to Sleep earplugs are surprisingly comfortable when it expands inside the ear. The type of foam is not specified, but these do not contain PVC in the earplugs or the packaging. The tapered shape helps the earplug fit deep inside the ear canal comfortably. The earplugs are long enough to be easy to insert and be removed from your ear. The foam surface is smooth to avoid irritating the inside of the ear.  

At Sleep Culture, we purchase and test all sleeping earplugs that we review but also consider third-party reviews to provide a broader range of experiences with the product. The earplugs are one-size, and a handful of user reviews mentioned that these earplugs are too big for those with small ears. When the earplugs expanded, it put too much pressure on the ear. 

Noise Reduction / Sound Blocking

The Drift to Sleep soft foam earplugs block out a surprisingly large amount of sound when inserted correctly into your ear. With a noise reduction rating of 33dB, it is suitable to significantly reduce the noise coming from a snoring partner, a noisy animal, traffic, or other noises from outside.

While I don't have a snoring partner to test out these earplugs third-party reviews were overwhelmingly positive for the blocking out the noise from snoring. Loud noises are very muffled when wearing these earplugs which is ideal for sleeping but not if you were going to a music concert. (for concert earplugs use Happy Ears). My cat frequently wakes me up due to getting into mischief at night and meowing at our door in the morning. When using these earplugs, the noise was significantly reduced helping me get more rest without interruption.

Earplug Case

The travel/carrying case is big enough to hold up to four earplugs. It isn't the smallest case we have reviewed, but considering the intended use as sleeping earplugs, the case won't be stored in a pocket. 


The earplugs come in one resealable bag with 20 or 40 earplugs.


At almost $0.64 per set, it is understandable why many users wash the earplugs and use them multiple nights (See earplug care below). The Drift to Sleep soft foam earplugs are on the more expensive end for disposable earplugs for sleeping.

$12.99 for 20 pairs ($0.64) Check Price

Caring for your earplugs

How to use Drift to Sleep earplugs

Whenever wearing earplugs, it is essential to have good hygiene by keeping your ears clean and always washing hands before inserting earplugs. With clean hands:

  1. Roll and compress earplug between thumb and forefinger. Roll and progressively compress the tapered end of the earplug to a small wrinkle-free cylinder.
  2. Insert plug. Reach overhead and pull the top of the ear upward. Insert the tapered end into the ear canal. Hold the earplug until it expands, which takes almost 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, gently push into the ear canal one more time. It does take a decent amount of time for the foam to expand fully, but it is essential for getting the correct fit to block out sounds before sleeping.

The correct fit is when the bottom edge of the earplug is at the opening of the ear canal. If a portion is not in the ear canal, it will not reduce sound properly

  1. Check for fit — Cup hands over both ears and release. When inserted correctly, you shouldn't notice a significant difference in attenuation between your hands covering and not covering the ears.
  2. Earplug Removal — Earplug removal is equally essential for ear health. Remove the earplug slowly with a gentle twisting motion to break the seal and avoid damage to the eardrum.

Earplug Care

The Drift to Sleep soft foam earplugs are considered disposable. However, many third-party reviewers cleaned their earplugs regularly with soap and water and reused them for a few nights to a few weeks. In our guide to sleeping earplugs, we cover the safety and health issues around sleeping with earplugs and recommend being more conservative in using disposable earplugs multiple times. The foam used for these earplugs is quite dense and soft, making them reasonably easy to clean. We tested soaking the earplugs to see if water would penetrate the earplugs, and it appears not much will permeate into the earplugs. However, anytime there are small imperfections, it is an opportunity for bacteria to grow on the earplugs and get transferred into your ear. 

Guarantee / Warranty

The earplugs have a 100% Money Back Guarantee for quality. 


The sound reduction on the Drift to Sleep earplugs was tremendous, and the foam is soft and comfortable while sleeping. Even as a side sleeper, the soft foam did not bother my ears. With that said, it is essential to take the time to insert the earplugs correctly. The earplugs require holding them in place with your hand for at least 30 seconds felt time-consuming and frustrating but well worth the benefits for the entire night while sleeping. The sound reduction of 33dB was significant enough to require an increase in the volume of my alarm slightly.

Made in the USA is a bonus, and the manufacturer Moldex has committed to not including latex or PVC in the earplugs. Will continue to test the Drift to Sleep earplugs and provide a more long term review in the future.


  • One-size fits all
  • Made in the USA
  • Significant reduction in noise (33bB)
  • Latex / PVC free
  • Made from polyurethane soft foam

Pros as sleeping earplugs

  • Blocking out a snoring partner (33bB noise reduction)
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • May not work for those with smaller ears.
  • Slightly expensive for disposable.
  • The earplugs are not biodegradable.

Have you tried the Drift to Sleep soft foam earplugs? Let us know your experience.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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