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Eight Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Trust Dreams of the Number Eight

If you dream of the number eight, there are a variety of things that can be inferred from it. First it may mean something personally to you. The number may be a lucky number, a birthday month or day, an age, money, a floor in a building or a house number. You may need to analyze the importance of the number in your life in order to find the symbolism. The number eight is also the symbol of alpha and omega or eternity, therefore in dreams it may represent the circle of life.

The number eight is also a multiple of four, which is a very important dream symbol. It is the symbol of completeness.  Directions, sides, corners and crosses all come in fours, as do the functions of consciousness. Therefore the number four has come to symbolize that something is complete, and multiples of four indicate the same thing. Dreaming of a multiple of four does not necessarily mean that you are complete. It may in fact be your mind’s way of showing you exactly how incomplete you are.

If you see the number eight in a dream, you should trust the message that accompanies it. Your instincts should be right on target. Eight is also symbolic of a number of very good things like wealth, success, authority, financial gains, regeneration and karma. Dreams featuring a number eight are very good omens.

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