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Eighteen Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Eighteen

Last night I dreamed I was at my favorite grocery store. I had run in to pick up some eggs. Instead of the usual pack of one dozen large eggs, I was seriously considering the 18-pack of extra large eggs. Making my selection, I headed up to the cashier, and bought my eggs. Not terribly strange, except for the fact that the eggs cost me $18! I then woke up, wondering when the price of eggs had gone up. I mean, milk and gas is up there, but eggs, too? Aren’t there chickens all over the place? So that got me to wondering about the number eighteen.

The number eighteen is a special number in the field of numerology, one of only a few multi-digit numbers that has a particular meaning of its own. Eighteen can warn of treachery, deception, lies and selfishness. It can also stand for a conflict between materialism and spirituality. Now that sounded right, because my family has been having problems with some of our mail being snatched out of the mailbox lately.

With numbers, particularly the two- or three- (or more) digit variety, you can reduce them down by adding them together to bet to a single-digit number.  In the case of the number 18, it would be 9.

Nine can mean completion and productivity. It can also indicate rebirth, inspiration and reformation. The number nine can also mean that one is seeking to improve the world. This could also be said to apply to my mail problems, as we have decided to buy a locked mailbox; installing the locked mailbox is definitely an improvement on my own personal world, and solves the treachery some prankster has been inflicting upon us.

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