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Embarrassment Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Embarrassment Dreams May Make You Blush

When you dream of embarrassment, it should definitely be taken at face value. If you dream that a person embarrasses you, it is probably your subconscious making you realize that in real life that person embarrasses you, even though you may not be aware of it. If you dream that a certain aspect of yourself is embarrassing, it may be something that you need to deal with and change or work on moving past it. If you dream of being embarrassed in a certain situation, it may indicate that you are apprehensive about the possibility of looking silly and being embarrassed when confronted with that situation. Facing your apprehension make be useful in getting over it. Feelings in dreams are often true indicators of the same feeling happening in real life. They are not always symbolic.

However there are times when dreams of feelings may be symbolic of something else. Dreams of embarrassment may be an indication that you are sexually insecure or unsure about your sexuality. It may also be that you are low on self-confidence and are plagued with fears and hidden weaknesses. Dreams of embarrassment in these cases may be your subconscious bringing such feelings to the forefront of your mind so you can deal with them.

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