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Enemy Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Enemy Dreams are Revealing

When you dream of an enemy, it often reflects what is going on in your life. If you dream of someone you know being your enemy, it may tell you that you have hostile feelings towards the person that you may not even be aware of. Your sub-conscious may be telling you that you need to repair this situation. Sometime when we dream of enemies, it may be symbolic of our own inner enemies and things we need to repair within ourselves.

It may also mean that there are conflicting viewpoints, troubles or differing ideas battling for attention in your mind. You may be in denial about something or rejecting someone. When you dream that you are dealing with your enemies, it suggests that you may have in your grasp a solution to a problem you are dealing with, whether it is something in real life or some inner turmoil. You may be ready to take action on these issues, now that you are fully aware of them.

Enemy dreams may also be sending you a completely different message. Some people interpret enemy dreams to be symbolic of your friends. If you have a dream where you lose to your enemy in some conflict and you are at risk, it is said to mean that in reality you have a friend who will help you very soon. When you dream that you and a friend team up against an enemy but lose anyway, it is said to be an indication that you should be self-reliant in dealing with your own problems.


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