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Fairy Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Fairy Dreams are Flighty

When you dream of fairies, the interpretation may be different depending on a variety of factors. If a man dreams of a fairy, it is symbolic of his feminine side and may be a reminder that he needs to work on putting more balance in his life. For a woman, the dream may also indicate her feminine side, but it may also be symbolic of her own mother or some part of self that needs to be brought to the forefront of her personality. Doing so would enrich her life. When an adult dreams of a fairy, it may be that he or she would rather have a simpler, more mystical view of life. Fairies also represent the soul.

It may also mean that you are searching for a nice, happy ending to a situation in your life – the fairy-tale ending. Fairy dreams may represent your search for assistance with some issue in your life, even though you may not readily admit your need for help. If you dream of an evil fairy, it is a sign that some part of you should be set free for the betterment of your life.

For those who look to their dreams as a kind of fortune telling, a fairy dream can be good or bad. If the fairy in your dreams is happy, you will be surrounded by pleasure, happiness and joy in your life. If the dream fairy in unhappy, it means that you will lose money or love, maybe even both.

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  1. i dreamt i was the fairy and not a good flyer at that;i am carrying twin baby babies one wrapped one not and i appear to be running away and trying to hide….two dreams this week alone

  2. I dream of 7 fairy wearing white 6 were dancing and the 7th one was in a corner they all had long hair they were in a fish tank


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